Wednesday, April 16, 2008

intervensi 2,

has just finished.


BM was alright though i think my karangan is so messed up. I mean, what other langkah-langkah, other than reading and writing down whatever, can you tell to your friend or whatever ?

English is stupid. I hate summary. I mean, they give us a retarded 10 word phrase and we have to add another 50 more. I can never do it. I mostly just like, copied and paste from the text given. Which is stupid.

Agama was alright. I studied for that one but then again, i always say it's easy but i don't really get high marks. Usually around the borderline A of 75.

Geography was ok. I think. Everyone says it's hard gila babi but i thought boleh laaa. I don't think i'll do too well. Ish.

Science Paper One was the easiest of all. Ok, i may come off as a know it all but i mean, after hours of studying the god damn chapters, it'd be kinda frustrating if i couldn't answer. Besides, i have a greaaaaaat tuition which the best teacher ever so, yeah.

Science Paper Two wasn't as easy. Pendulum can go die in hell. Haha. I mean, can't they just give us logical numbers ? Instead of us going through all that calculations only to come up with something stupid like 1.333333333333333333333. Only to realize, that we have to round it off. I left it 1.33. WHATEVER

Maths is idiotic. Hahahaha. I hate the prism thing. The others were okay.. til Najihah and the rest discussed. -______-" Banyak salah dah. EEEEEEE.

KH was hmmm, fine. I bantai the Akaun soalans. I really really don't care. It's not like i apply the concept of Debit and Kredit into my daily routine. -_-"

SEJARAH WAS CRAP. You know how they say, 'Save the best for last' ? Well, whoever said that can go take their words baaaack. Bloody hell, freaaaaakin' hard okay . EE ISH EE ISH EE ISH. Stupidstupid. Cikgu Yusnizam said form one and form 2 banyak keluar. ALOT. And not much on form 3. Well, that's bull. Hahahahahaha. Like half of the 60 questions provided (much to our despair) was from Form 3. Form 1 and 2 like so sikit. WHAT THE HELL ?! I'm not surprised if i fail. Like, honestly i think i got 10/60.

Which totals up too...



I so gotta study for the next one. Which is next month. Honestly, there's no such things as a break when we're in form three. But i think as much as i hate it, it's actually for our own good.
We have tests every month except for June where the other forms except for form 5, i think, will be sitting for their Mid Year.
Next month is diagnostic.
Shitty shit shit.
I. Need. To. Get. A. Freakin'. 'A'.

I. Need. To. Get. Freakin' 8. 'A's.


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