Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day,

is today.

And so is Puan Jolayha's retirement.
I really really like her, y'knw.
She's an amaaaazing teacher.
Like, i really understood Math with her weiii.
I wonder who's going to be our NEW math teacher.
That's some huge shoes to fill in.
There was a special celebration for her.
There was the KRS sketch which was downright fantastic.
Freakin' funny. I laughed like shittttt
Nabila and I couldn't stop laughing.

And other performances.
Good la, i mean.
The scouts one was good.
Very organized and formal.
They sang and everything went in order.
It lacked humour as i thought they'll have.

Then, blablabla, the teachers had to go up on stage as they had to sing some songs.
I looked behind and Puan Jolayha was crying and at the sight of that, i too, cried.

Went in for Science.
Then yeah.
I'm so blank.

Today is Earth Day.

I love Planet Earth, something that not many people know.
SO do anything you can to stop pollution or whatever.

Loves (Planet Earth and Puan Jolayha)

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