Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chilled Like A Lemonade

HI !

I'm back for a week for yet another study leave since AS and A2 exams commence on the 8th. SOOOOOOOO nervous yet SOOOOOOOOO lazy. Studying starts this evening.. if I can resist my heavy lids, that is.

So my lack of blog posting has been because of

i) Internet and it's efficiency (or lack thereof) 
ii) Laziness
iii) I came up empty everytime I open a new post
iv) I'm rushing with assignments and my studies and 'blogspot can wait'.

These past few weeks in college have been quite uneventful other than our housetrip to Johor and the Teachers' Day/College's 14th Birthday celebration at the Great Hall..

.. which was hella fun. Seriouzly tho, I haven't had that much enjoyment in so long ! Because I've been cooped up in my room for the most part and so was everyone what with exams coming so soon, this one night where everyone was enjoying dinner and performances without a book up their faces was a good and MUCH NEEDED break. The lot I was sitting with was the usual and so much funnnnnnnnn; Olan as usual was making jokes all night long and all I can remember vividly is laughing and standing ovations and singing to the karaoke songs. Came out of the hall reluctantly because I kinda wanted it to be longer and so we won't be obliged to face reality yet. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Nah, gambar.

Mr Dant 'conducted' an 'orchestra'. I was kinda hoping they would play fer real ! 

I'm going to miss these two when they graduate in June :( :( :( 

Easily and forever entertained by these two drama queens. Zati might just win uncontested for the next Student Choice Award for Drama Queen.

Credits to Syaza for the gambar atas and bawah ni hehe :)

Last weekend, every house went on a school trip !!! Topaz to Kuantan, Sapphire to Port Dickson, Diamond to Melaka and Garnet to Johor.

"It doesn't matter where you are as long as you're with the right people"

Yes, sir! I had the best time with my fellow housemates because well, in terms of accomodation, the other houses had a better time with that (coughHyatt/Avillioncough) BUT our little private Pulau Kukus made up for it.

We were on the 2nd trip to Pulau Kukus and it took us about 15-20 minutes to get there and oh me oh my, as we were approaching the island, the water that surrounded it was this shade of turqoise one can only dream of ! MasyaAllah what a beautiful gradient of blue. Water clearer than crystal and sand so halus and white, you can sink in it. Beautiful ! (and this is coming from a person who prefers a dark room and closed windows than anything that has to do with the outside world)

Thanks Farhan and the housetrip committee for doing a good job overall ! :") :*

MasyaAllah so beautiful ! 

Merman Zack ! 

It'll be pretty epic if us girls wore elaborate evening dresses here; a contradictory to the rough looking rocks. Vanity Fair editorial here we come ! 

Haaa <3

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