Saturday, April 14, 2012

I shall adhere to this for the rest of my life.

Hi !

Woke up from a satisfying nap to an empty chalet and to a surprising motivated self to do some maths only to find that I've misplaced my calculator or it's in someone's possession much to their own oblivion and to my despair. Drama but my god, I hate losing things ! Especially something as personal as a calculator. Tried using Kaveetha's the other day and it felt so pelik and janggal (k using the word 'janggal' is janggal on its own already). Ngehhhhh.

It's 20 odd days to AS and I'm freaking out but yet, I'm not doing anything which is quite pointless lah kan. Sine pergi motivation tok ?!? K gonna go to Iman's chalet and marry the shit out of Math.

Have a great weekend, everyone ! God bless :*

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