Sunday, April 12, 2009

Talk With Your Hips


Famed twin towers are always bombarded with people. You don't breathe air when you go there. You breathe people. Unpleasant experience, I tell you, what with their bad BO. ANYHOO
Topshop being the first shop we stepped into (no surprise seeing from where we park, the escalators went up and practically brought us to Topshop. Convenient much?) and for the first time in a long one, mum actually went in with us which was awkward because I'm so used to roam around in shops alone (Shut your lips, I'm no loner, I just prefer doing things alone without the company and the need to be responsive with other people) and with that comes the advantage of letting my wallet take in serenity and let my mum pay for the bag (a black leather one with a chain handle and tassle) that I snagged. Score.

Zara was next and I must say, this time around, impressive. Not that Zara was never impressive, but this time there are SEVERAL (OHMY!) garments I don't mind spending a bomb on. So yes, that's impressive to me. I could have pressed my face against the display windows because the cotton shorts was in the prettiest pink and despite me being 16 (konon pre-adult. Pfsh, who are we kidding?) I still have a soft spot for anything pink. And glitter. And butterflies. And stars. You get the picture.  

Devoured in some Italian food and went back short after. I didn't get the chance to go up to Kinokuniya because a part of me was too lazy to endure the number of people on the escalator (and like I said, their BO kills) so I skipped on that.. and regretted. 

So, people, that was my Sunday, unsure as to how that is interesting to anyone but yeah, hell, it made up for my not-even-inching-off-the-bed Saturday. 


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