Friday, April 24, 2009


Since Hafeez and Hafiz (who unfortunately sit behind Ila and I) curse on an average of a million and one times a day, I told them that if one day they can go without swearing, 10 bucks will be theirs. They picked Friday to be that day. Which is today for y'all who are bit slow.

Ila, you should have come ! They were so quiet and obedient, it was crazy ! Rasa kesian pulak sebab the other lads were teasing them and cursing even more in front of them thinking by doing so, Hafiz and Hafeez will give in the bet. Hafiz Rahim even threw a pen to Hafiz Ismail (who's with Hafeez in this bet. I know it's a bit confusing, we have 3 guys who go by that name, Hafiz Rahim, Hafiz Ismail and Hafeez Azhar. Yang hari ni kena suffer tak boleh curse is Hafiz I and Hafeez. HAHA ok) but since 10 bucks were wanted so desperately, they kept quiet for the whole day. Which was strangely calming but yeah.. strange. 

See, it wasn't that hard now was it ?

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