Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look It Up

As of late, current subjects of affection are

1 Em faux python shoes at Charles and Keith. If only it didn't hurt as much walking for 5 seconds, what more 5 minutes !

2 Zara's cotton blazer in gray. Heavenly. 

3 Black velvet shoes from Zara, a little weighty on the price tag but pay no attention as the shoe is God sent !

AND ! 
I had my first go at contacts. Coloured ones at that. One word - uncomfortable. I couldn't see as well and I SUCK at shoving em floppy lenses up my eyeballs. After 5 full minutes of attempt failure, managed to persuade my mum to do it which if you think about it, is even harder. That took me 20 minutes. Heh. Safe to say, won't be applying them anywhere in the near future (Y) A high salute to ones who put up with lenses and it's nuisances every day and night. 

I hate the weather this few couple of days. Horribly humid and hot. Where's the frequent rain when you need it? Same theory applies to in store purchasing. Tis the season to be splurging, tra la la la la la la la la la. But where's the supply of greens (HAHA this applies to America je. Kat malaysia, duit berwarna warni.. we have 'em blue, green, red, silver, purple..) when you need em. I refuse to admit that I may suffer bad from the recession period. I refuse. Closed ears upon listening to economy crisis, can't bear with the fact that this may as well be the Great Depression Season 2. It's 2009 for God's sake. Save up ! (<- I had no idea what that meant)

Romantically, I'm back to square one. Heh.
Academically, I never was at square one so I have to build it up.. slow and steady.
Internally, I'm still feeling like how I described in previous post.
Externally, eyes are slowly resembling a panda's. Seems to me big black hedious bags are attracted to me. Shall try that little device of Mum's that is supposedly a miracle worker. We'll just see how miracle it can get. BUT face is clearing up. Tak seteruk a month back. Minumlah Brands Pati Prune !

Oh shit, I forgot what I was about to say.


Night, homie g's.

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