Friday, April 24, 2009

Same Ol'

Comel la tengok budak Form 3 gelabah PMR hahahaha.
I know it's huge and everything, but seriously, it's anything but.
Korang naik Form 4, perghhhhhh, you'd want Form 3 back in a snap.
Tak yah buang masa kutuk PMR la, cikgu bagi projects beribu ah, homework belambak la, exam almost every month la, haha. 
The Intervensi comes with benefits. Because, with those interventions, you'd study kan ? Kalau tak de test, tak de la study malam malam, or buat alarm bangun kul 5 or macam Dina terus, tak tidur langsung -_- 
And this coming from someone who didn't get straight A's (I'm bawling on the inside), I miss how easy Form 3 was. Memang ah sekarang Sejarah macam sial punya banyak kena hafal, Form 1, Form 2, Form 3. Amik kauuuu, Form 4 macam form 1, 2 and 3 combined. APA CASE
You'll grow to love history and geography, though lambat (believe me, hahaha, I started liking those 2 macam June July tau). Geography Form 1 is the best ! I had all different kinds of silly silly formulas to remember all the gunung ganang and all the various lands, macam tanah gambut for nanas and kelapa sawit sebab gambut rhymes with rambut kan and nanas and kelapa sawit kan bentuk cam ada rambut ? See, still boleh ingat ! HAHA (Y) 
Tanah laterit is for getah and kelapa sawit eh ? Ntah, dah lupa. Cause laterit and kelapa sawit rhymed so that was easy to remember. Banyak lagi la, awwww rindu nya Geography :'( AHAHAHA I'm expressing my love for Geo here. How awkward can it get ?
Sejarah pun best actually. Stop memorizing, and start learning. Asyik hafal je, last last tak dapat jugak. Tapi best gila tak terkata belajar Sejarah and Geo hahahaha. Everytime nak study, those 2 will be my first choice of subjects to flip open. 
But I don't miss KH hahaha, kerja kayu is one thing, tapi nak faham tools and kegunaan dia memang ah. Jahanam.
Hahahahaha, apa aku membebel tengah tengah malam ni. 
-______-  It's 2.28 in the morning, I can't sleep and I came across blogs bearing PMR in bold hahaha. It's not that horrible. Give it time, lama lama kan, you'll be surprised to know that you will actually like studying.
Sumpah betul.

And whoever got Cikgu Yu, you kinda can bet your bottom dollar dapat A for BM. That is if you study your ass off la. Takkan mengharap Cikgu YYT je. Kan ?
Also !
Don't be too ahead of yourself and start planning your plans after the exams come October. TENGOK LA NANTI, after PMR, ok, fine, the first day out, memang la. But give it 2 weeks, you'll miss your pre-PMR days. Cause like, how much can you go to OU pun ? Muak tau tak tengok orang sama je. Tapi, pergi la the day PMR habis, tengok budak sekolah yang tak reti MANDI dulu (hahahaha pergi la balik rumah, mandi, pakai baju lawa lawa before pergi ou ngan bag sekolah nya lagiii. Ou tak lari mana la weiiii) terus pergi OU after the last paper. 
And ! You get to meet your old friends yang kian lama kat asrama.
Make the best of your form 3 days in SCHOOL ! You'll miss your class like never before. And bare in mind those smarty pants in your class, big possibility dapat asrama and you won't see them as much :'( 
Zaim is ass lazy, the kind who studies last minute and actually doesn't differ in any way from me HAHA but seeing how I got what I didn't want (Bawling on the inside, bawling on the inside), I'll kick his bony ass if he doesn't get straight As.
Hi Form Three's, relax la PMR tu. Nampak je susah, tapi senang je tu. In your buku latihan which I'm sure you guys buy every week to build up that motivation (which doesn't work actually. Saja je nak pergi Jasema beli buku banyak gila tapi balik balik satu soalan je buat haha), everything seems shit hard but when it comes to the real thing, you'll be surprised as to how easy it really is. 
I was so used to sitting for tests (we had monthly tests pulak tu!) that I didn't realize that it was the real PMR til the examiner wrote on the white board in front. Which was so scary, I started sweating. Because I couldn't believe that after all those tests and books and tuitions, the real thing is here up front. 
AND PEOPLE ! Stay away from know it all's. You don't know how they are ? 
They're these species (HA AMIK KAU) yang bila habis exam, will actually start counting not just her/his marks, but everyone in class (actually a big lie, they just count orang yang worthy a.k.a pandai setaraf ah) so that they can tell who gets number one.
Penting sangat ke position tu wei. In the end, what matters is the amount of A's lined up neatly on your right hand side of the white slip.
If said species does said habit, than steer away. Most likely, bila PMR, when a paper is done, they'll get their little itchy hands on a reference book and open as fast as you can say 'Don't open'. Hahahaha ntah pape gila kan. Chill la wei. Dah habis, dah habis la.
Like me, I cried kut bila habis Science ! Susah BAIK PUNYA masa Paper 2. Tapi takpe, janji dapat A hahaha
But kan, it's most likely, lagi susah, lagi lenient. So.. yeah.

I have not the faintest idea why I just typed so much for the form 3's
Macam dorang baca. HAH
Ok, nak tidur.

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  1. nadiaaa! i bacaaa :D
    hm i hate geo laa. cg hamidah ali sungguh mengantukkan -.