Monday, April 27, 2009

Says Who?

I just devoured in blessed hours of a movie on this laptop of mine.. in bed. All day long. 

This is the thing with me and movies. If I get the idea that the movie is nothing much to be hyped about, I end up liking sometimes even love the movie. And it works vice versa. I never had any interest in Twilight before the movie came out, and because I went in the movie hall without any spark of interest with bloody vampires, I am now officially a Twilighter. To the max.
So ok, I watched He's Just Not That Into You and I loooooooooooved it. It's such a sweet movie or maybe I'm just biased with Jennifer Anniston (for the umpteenth time, TEAM ANNISTON!). I've also grown to have an interest in Justin Long HEHEHEHE He's like geek cute and his story in this movie was the best, besides Jen and Ben (Beth and Neil).
Seriously, I would LOVE to have a lover like Neil and oh shit, what's that guy's name again ? Alex, was it ? Yeah, Alex. 
Alex just had the word 'sweet' written all over and Neil is just this guy you never thought would exist in the world anymore. The kind who even after a break up (which wasn't even his fault!) comes over and helps your sick father when you're playing damsel in damned distress. 
Cue awws and sighs. My kind of guy, man. 

I can't stop watching Britain's Got Talent auditions. Shaheen Jafargholi is too cute.

I'm semi excited for Sports Day.

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