Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Green Glory

This year would be my first year attending Sports Day since Form 1.
Haha, orang cakap bosan ke tak best ke bangang ke apa, I thought it was fun sebab it was nice to see the semangat in people. You don't get that all the time. Apa salah once a year jadi competitive gila ? Haha 
Amy and Izzati were hands on bila nak cheer tu sampai dah sakit tekak jerit (Y) Lawak siot sampai boleh lompat lompat. 
We got third placing from our first last year which is ok, I guess considering we didn't get last hahahaha. Biru deserved their championship title because clearly, they did the best. And Rumah Kuning too (but you guys need to learn how to win like a pro) (N)
I think I drank like 3 orange juice because of the heat and shouting BLOODY MURDER to the contestants. Orange juice was really good, though. 
Tengok orang lari macam best gila and like Izzati said rasa best sebab berbakti kat rumah Hijau. Nampak cool gila jadi one of the runners. Hahaha, Amy and I want to start training hahahahaha takpe takpe, impossible is nothing (; 
Participants from other schools too came over to have a friendly match. Budak Sri Hartamas, woooooooot woooot. The boys, I mean. The girls however were like shit fast, seriously laju gila babiiiii. Taman Tun couldn't even DREAM of winning against them. They finished way way earlier than us. Which was so impressive, it left us hanging. I want to run like them, baru la tak malu nak masuk track events hahaha.
Dahla kaki lawa gila siaaaaaaaal.
Bomba even had their own mascot which was pretty cool. Alot of people had those big chunky SLR's in hand so macam, I expect a lot a lot a lot of pictures of people's priceless running faces. 
And sorry to say, rumah hijau macam lemah gila (not contestants, orang yang duduk tak buat apa apa tu). Support memang outttttttt. That's why I say Kuning deserved it because from the cheer and support not only the leader provided (Luqman was good in terms that he was very supportive running to and fro to give cheer to the running participants) but everyone was cheering on. :') 
Next year, Rumah Hijau kena ada motto/slogan/whatever so that we can cheer the whole wayyyy. 
I like the competitive spirit in everyone when it comes to sports and cheering. It's just touching to see everyone and their eagerness to win.
In the end, Biru emerged as champion with Kuning tailing behind. Hijau came in third and Merah at fourth.

Tahun ini tahun orang, tahun depan tahun kita

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