Monday, August 9, 2010

Face It

Fasting starts tomorrow. Time flies like craaaaazy and I'm getting the jitters but yet, I'm doing things at my own pace (read : Slow).

Puasa is coming which means raya is coming and THAT I'm looking forward to. Just 'cause we get to go back to Penang a week early and we get to stuff ourselves with Mak Tok's home cooking. Thinking of it alone makes me feel nice and full.

Things I Want For Raya
(hihi, hi Mama, if you're reading, don't worry, I have a Chemistry book beside me and this is only going to take 15 minutes of my time, I'll study after this, I'm just going to list down what I want this coming raya)

  • More jeans. I'm so in love with cuffed jeans right now. I got one from Zara yesterday and it's probably the most comfortable piece of denim that has ever existed in the history of mankind. SERIOUS. And it comes with the prettiest looking belt. I vant more jeans.
  • Shoes. -__________________- I'm not even trying to attempt to kid with you but the last pair of high heels I bought was from last raya. Even that one, it has vanished from the face of the earth and I now wear my Nine West pair which, wait for it, was from 2 raya's back. I deserve a nice expensive pair.
  • Make-up ! I'm quite obsessed. I want Sephora to open cepat cepat before raya so I can nab a couple of goodies for this raya.
  • I got a lot of bags but I'm addicted. I want more hahaha
  • A beret. 'Cause I saw a Miss Dior Cherie ad on my Teen Vogue of this girl in a pink trench with a purple beret and she looked so Parisian, gila lawa !
  • A perfume ! I love Vera Wang's Princess so I have that in mind.
  • Jewelry. Costume jewelry obviously. But yeah. Especially earrings. I have a fetish for earrings.
  • A new watch -____- My Juicy Couture watch is hopeless. Battery life ciao cincau dah.
  • Hairbands. Lots and lots and lots of them.
K bye.


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