Monday, October 25, 2010

You Again

I heard Can't Fight The Moonlight after so long in New York Deli and I came home and downloaded it. It has been on repeat since yesterday. Zzzzz

Hi :)

Worthless updates, coming right up !
  • I wonder if anybody reads my blog anymore ? Sebab I don't see anyone updating theirs so I assume no one comes online anymore. Except for Jia Wen. I have Ila and Yahi's bookmarked but neither of them blog anymore :(((((((((((((((( PEOPLE, BLOG !!!!
  • Read somewhere that SmashBox is in Malaysia and after reading Jia Wen's blog (LOL taksub), SmashBox really IS here. Sephora is said to be opening at StarHill gallery and I, for one, cannot wait.
  • Doing my History work at 12:30.
  • Found a freaking baby cicak on my bed yesterday before getting ready for bed. A DEAD ONE ! UGH TRAUMATIC MUCH ?
  • Tied between a long or a short dress for prom. LOL people, this is what I think about when I'm day dreaming.
  • I miss watching The Notebook.
  • I miss a whole lot of things right now. UGH.
  • Wednesday or Thursday is graduation photo day where we'll be drowned under those XXL robes. I actually cannot wait.
  • Graduation is on the following week. That too !
  • School is foreign to me now. I hardly go anymore. Which I think I'll regret once it's over.
  • Ok back to studying History. Moving at a pace of an orang tua seriously !!!!!!

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