Saturday, November 19, 2011


Birthday's in January and I'm excited because I'll be turning 19 on the 19th heh heh. Also, I have some Miu Miu things in mind for Mama to buy as a birthday present trololol x

Hi !

It's been a while and for you faithful readers (again, if any), hi ! I've missed blogging, honestly. I simply can't get myself doing it due to the i) Shitty internet connection in college (really, it's starting to piss me off) ii) Past few weeks have been pretty occupied and swamped with practices leading up to Diwali night and well, iii) laziness.

The last 'reason' shouldn't come off as a surprise seeing how I am really good at it and seem to be acing it through out my whole entire naturally born life.

I'm home now and NEXT WEEK, OUR ONE MONTH BREAK STARTSSSSSS, I so excited, I just can't help it ! I didn't really want to come back seeing how it's a short weekend and well, bleh. But I had to go get myself something nice to wear for Diwali Night and End Of Sem dinner so Mum came and got me home. Yayyyyy for home sweet home.

Moving on...

I haz a new punjabi suit ! I was actually supposed to buy a lengha and so Mama very kindly brought me to City One Plaza in Masjid India and we hunted for it but unfortunately, most shops don't even have it which is the weirdest thing ever -.- And kalau ada pun, they're i) Expensive ii) So grand, I look like I'm about to go for my own wedding.

So, settled for a maroon punjabi suit with gold beading. Tried dancing with it last night and tripped a couple of times thanks to the pants. But oh well, I'll work with it soon enough.

Ok I've run out of things to talk about and I'm extremely hungry right now so I'm going to find myself some thing to eat. I bid you a good day !

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