Sunday, February 24, 2019

Black! Pink!

Wow ok hi is this thing on? 

I've missed blogging!!!! What have I not blogged???? Not gon' lie, some days I completely forget I have one and that I haven't updated it in ages. As I'm typing, I'm watching my friend's Instalive (she has a show on Awani called 'The Society with Farhana', 10:45pm every Sunday) and waiting for my laundry downstairs. 

This is my life now, guys! To be fair, it's always been my life. I'm not all exciting. My nightlife is... Netflix. And I love it so I'm not complaining but that's not a whole lot of blogging content I have for everyone. 

But hello, hi, how's everyone doing! I've been really good - just really really busy at work. We've just launched a new website and I had to spearhead that one with a lot of help from my boss and we also have a lot of marketing plans to put in place in time for Raya. It's... a lot. I'm coping but... I'm just so tired. I like to be the kind of person who's always on hand when my bosses reach out for work, whether it's at 11pm on a weekday or in the day during the weekend, I like to be... dependable? I think? But anyway. Bottom line is I'm just v tired from work. I wish there was a rest day mid week. But good all around, alhamdulillah. Better being busy than being a veg all day.

Since I last blogged, I have turned 26. Yay! Closer to 30 than to 20 and my mum was like ugh whatever still young. I'm not going to be too hot and bothered by age, it's just inevitable to realise that wow I'm already 26! I still remember my 16th birthday! I had a makan makan at my house because I still love the idea of having friends come over instead of celebrating it elsewhere where most of the time you'd have a 10pm-11pm curfew when the restaurant closes. And at home, you can eat as much as you'd like and be loud as you'd like and play games as you'd like and stay back as long as you'd like. Used to go to so many house parties when I was in high school so kinda wanted to bring it back. Complete with party packs!

Would you believe it? I actually went hiking on the morning of my birthday. Don't know what I signed up for but gotta admit, the hike up was refreshing and surprisingly (haha) very fun. I loved it and can't wait to do more.

I had sent out invitations to everyone and told them that to RSVP, they have to send back a photo of them with a thumbs up. Cute idea because umm cute results.

Got loads of really lovely presents but Tania really went all in and gave me all of my favourite things! The Zara white polka dot blouse that I've mentioned in passing, a copy of High Cut (a Korean editorial print) with Jennie on the cover (!!!), Glossier lipbalm and blush and a ticket to watch BTS' movie concert!!!

Ok a bunch of really random updates/photos:

Have been thinking long and hard about it but I finally did it! After a good 5-6 years, I've coloured my hair again! Colour's calmed down a bit now and I've gotten used to it but I flipping love it. I love my black hair but felt I needed to change things a bit.

Also my forever friend Anis turned 26 just a day after I did. Ugh, can she not copy me!!!! Luh you.

My Galentine dates.

Cousins 4eva. We have a chat room of all the cousins and then these kids have their own also just for themselves haha ok FINE no adults jeez.


Also guys, yesterday I went for my first ever K-Pop concert and omg was I glad that it was Blackpink. Concert tickets are notoriously expensive so if I had to spend money on a K-Pop group, it had to be a favourite one. And Blackpink is BIG favourite. SO SO happy that I decided to just go. Had a blast! Wished I sat nearer to the stage but that's fine! Still danced and sang and screamed so all's good. 

So happy also that I went with Nana! Ever since I started getting in to K-Pop, Nana has always been my go-to. So in Bristol, we bonded because of that and she's become such a good friend to me and I'm so glad that we went for our first kpop concert! I mean, she's been to a bunch already but this is the first together! To many, many more, Nans! To Seoul also maybe this year hahaha


Already March next week, wow. Was looking through holiday photos the other day and all that it's making me do is day dream of the day I become rich enough to leave work for a bit to go travelling. But that just means I have to snap out of that daydream to continue working haha. A bit of a catch 22 situation here.

Sincere wishes that everyone's doing well at work. Think of it as the early hustle you have to put in before everything goes into place. Like you know when in a business podcast, these successful entrepreneurs talk about their first jobs? And they have really interesting stories about it? Yeah, try and make a good story out of yours. Who knows? You'll be on a podcast one day talking about your whole career and how you started small.


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