Monday, February 22, 2021

January/February Updates

I turned 28 about a month ago. I was feeling very emosh about it all because wow I can't believe I'm in my late 20s! Like 28's legit late 20s already. I was very much in denial when I was 26 and 27 but 28's pretty much solid lah ya. And how would we have all known that we'd still spend first two months of the year in lockdown. Went into lockdown last year in March completely not knowing the full extent of how serious this virus is. We're now in the thousands but expectedly, people are going into this second lockdown more stubborn and rebellious. Streets were peep quiet first 'round in, but now it's like nothing's new. I mean, who wouldn't be tired of this! It's a whole year and we're worst than from when we started! Imagine if the whole Sabah hullabaloo didn't happen, where would we be now as a country. Something very exciting happened this morning - we received our first ever batch of vaccines! I slept super late last night but I still made sure to put an alarm for 9am so that I could watch the live updates of the batch flying into KLIA. I was so groggy and hardly had my eyes open but it still made me so happy. It's ages til we go back to normal but I like to take comfort that this is a step forward. And I'm going to die die fight for people getting vaccinated. No place for anti vaxxers here, sorry!


I've realised that I sometimes put my photos here and there and whenever I want to look through them I never really know where to look through first. Recently I signed into an email I had long abandoned and found a lot of my photos that were sent from Path before they shut down. I loooove going through photos and reminisce - it has almost become a favourite past time especially since we've been home so much the past year. I'm going to try take more photos this year and indulge in posting more here. So here are some photos in the past month.


My sissy pants turned 25 this year! Bit surreal that we have spent a birthday in lockdown but alas, here we are. We made the most of it! We ordered in some favourites from Dolly Dim Sum and some steamboat too! Which was so cool cause we even got the little pots and burners - made it like we were in a proper restaurant (sad tings). Tania is a wonderful friend and it showed when she had constant deliveries sent to the house from some of her best buds. We only managed to get a slice of each cake sebab banyak sangat haha

From Ili Pot for those who are curious! 

I'm such a mum to my siblings.

Love you dear sister, always always always.


And then 2 days later, I turned 28. I had actually planned for a birthday party thinking we'd be ok but of course I didn't because of the lockdown. Even thought of a theme all! Sad I couldn't have my friends over but Dayana still sneaked in and got me a birthday present! Cue tears. She stayed for birthday cake and I'm so glad I had atleast one friend celebrate with me! Harap harap next year we'll be back to normal!!!!! I can't wait lah for us to come together again and have fun. I miss playing badminton, game nights, lunch and dinners together!!!!!

Anyway! Since we had Chinese food for Tania's, I chose to have Indian food so we did! We ordered in from Malabar Palace, one of our favourite places to have Indian food. I ordered a cake but I have wonderful friends who sent me more cake and treats!! 

From Azam! Hehe, loved it. None of these cakes ever disclosed names btw! I had to put it up on my Instagram Stories for my friends to claim their cakes hahaha 

From Diy <3 Love her so much and I loved this cake cause it was chocolate orange, something we both love! One of the very few things we have something in common when it comes to food! 

This one I got for myself but didn't manage to makan sangat pun because was busy munching on everything else! But I loved the whimsical design (got it off Pinterest!)

This came in (the only cake that had a card and name!) later in the evening and I was so excited to get this because have always wanted to try Lacher Patisserie from all the reviews they've gotten!! Thanks for thinking me as Jennie, I'll have this card saved for all of time thank you very much.

And Sofea got me this super cute super pretty cake!!!!! Eeeep, with a mermaid all. Got this delivered right after I opened Dayana's present which was an Ariel pyjama tshirt! I'm obvious when I like something.

Misha got Tania and I this super cool super sweet fruit desserts! <3 Sayang forever.

And then much later, I got this too from Zati!!! I love, love, love churros so I immediately got to business to finish this! Thank you babe if you're reading, so thoughtful, love you always! 

Zaim and Hanis' birthday bouquet to me (I asked for flowers this birthday and I got them!). And a super special present in a small jewellery box. Love you both!!!!

My first birthday bouquet this year was courtesy of my sweetest Tania. The pinkest of pinks!

And then this came too!! From Aina and Sherry. I always always love going out with them or have them come over for my birthdays so this was so so so so sweet.

From Elin!! From my favourite florist too hehe love love their arrangements. So nice to have flowers all around the house. Wish it was my birthday every week haha

I got these delivered to me earlier in the week with no sender address. I have been wanting a pair for the longest time but never got around to getting one. Imagine my pure delight and surprise to open a box of pink Stan Smiths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found out it was from my colleagues!!! Eeeeep, they're the bestest ever I love them a whole lot!!!!! Can't wait to wear these out soon!!

A pink package of something so so so pink from Amal. It was an Impi bag, also something else I've wanted to get for some time but never got around to getting it!!! It's SUPER huge but I can't wait to bring it out soon. It's *super* pink and I love it.

Papa changed into something pink when I told him to pakai pink that day haha <3 

Sayang you always Dayana!!!! Thank you for making my birthday this year extra special!!

Grateful for my family and friends. Grateful that I have the comfort of my home during these tough times. Grateful for all I've got. Went into 2020 feeling hopeful for good things, not knowing what was about to hit us. So I took it as a lesson and I welcome 2021 with like... a nudge and a "Hey 'sup man?", feeling bit more cautious about everything around me. I continue to be as bright and as Nadia as I can be but I can't help to be more conscious of not putting my hopes up too high. This year I hope to do more good and be a better person. I say that every year but this year macam nak extra baik and extra sweet to all of you ahaha xx

Ok here are some random photos to fill in the post! 

Got an emergency haircut before the lockdown. This was during lunch hour at work hahaha grabbed something from Aunty Anne's and got a quick cut from my usual place at OU. Had it cut short this time 'round because I didn't know how long the MCO would be. Of course the hairstylist cut it a lot shorter than I had asked but I'm ok with it I guess. Wished I had cut my bangs too! Hair salons are open now but limited to just hair cuts and I'm dying to have my hair dyed again. Bored of my brown hair so I'm thinking of something super dark again. Also, my white hair is showing and it's bloody annoying. 

That night we also went out for dinner at Chica Bonita at Publika! The three girls in the middle (Wei Wei, Britt and I) are January babies so this was our celebratory birthday dinner. Wished the other girls could make it too!

Tania's birthday present for me. Been some time since I've read a book so this was just right to get back into it. Macam you feel so light and refreshed when you read this. Puts your perspective back into place and shows you that love is everywhere you see. Beautifully written. Can't wait to indulge in more.

Watched Blackpink's concert on Youtube with Tanners! She had bought access so I joined in the fun hehe, so fun! Best part about it was that I could also eat my favourite lauk while watching a concert. When can we do that kan? Hahah

Our yee sang on our last day of work before the CNY break (which was a blissful whole week!). 

With CNY came the mandarin oranges. Upon opening one of them, we found this baby one that we just had to take a photo of. How cute!!!!!! Hahaha 

In true Dayana fashion, she sent us cards on Galentines Day. We had the absolute time of our lives at her party last year where I made a bunch of new friends and brought some of my closest to her party! She sent us this handwritten card to not just me, but to both Tania and Iman too. They were so pleasantly surprised and touched that they pun wrote letters to Dayana. We sent out our cards and some dessert treats to her today as our way of saying thank you. I love generous friends and I love Dayana. So thoughtful and sweet! <3

Back to work tomorrow, full time and full quorum. We had been working on alternate days before this and without the full team. I do miss working in the office because I just get so much more done there but I do also love being home, sleeping in and showering at 2pm. The freedom *chefs kiss*. 

Have a fun week, friends! See you guys soon. And don't forget to register for your vaccination this 1st of March ok!!!! Don't be scared about it please, have faith in science. And you're doing this not just for yourself but for everyone around you. Don't be backward and please GET VACCINATED!!! I simply would not consider you a friend if you don't.

Kidding. Sorta.


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