Friday, September 16, 2011

Wonderland *

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy in college. It's Hari Malaysia day today so..

Dear Malaysia,

As much as you can get too hot and you don't have Urban Outfitters here, I still love you dearly and don't worry; as much as I say I will, I don't think I'll live anywhere else (cough London cough) but here. Your food is too good to abandon for bland Western food. Teehee.

College has been robbing time out of my hands. I start college at 815 and finish by 4. And when I come back, I usually sleep. Til dinner. LOLOL. My chaletmates have established that quite clearly now. Kaveetha even said "I'm going to pull a 'Nadia'" and she meant sleeping. So by pulling a 'Diyana', you're studying and by pulling a 'Nadia', you're taking a nap. Says a lot, hm ?


Anyway, let's see if I can recap anything interesting....

... I'm comin' up empty.

OH. Ok, well there's the IELTS class. We only just started our IELTS class and it's okay, I like Ms Selvi, she's fun. I guess. She has a thing for the Punjabs in our class though. And then there's the whole snakes issue. Over the past week, we've had 4 sightings of snakes. Like, LEGIT snakes. One was found nearby (opposite Haniesha's chalet which is sebelah ours) and malam pulak tu ! So the college had some people to surround our house with sulphur which is apparently a repellent for snakes. I didn't know that..

And then, I HAD THE BEST SEAFOOD EVER. Went to Seafood Garden in Tanjung Malim on Monday (or wazzit Tuesday?) with 11 other people and sumpah doh, sedap gila mygod ! I foresee many many many more trips there. YUM

Sports Carnival has come and gone and it was the best !!! I had the best time with my fellow Garnetrons cheering on at almost all the games. Was most enthusiastic for the night events though.. All in all, I had such a good time and it was so nice to see everyone come together to support their fellow housemates playing sports.

Ok that's it for now. I'm going to go do research on History nao and then IDK. I'm actually sleepy. Maybe it's the mengundang weather.......

Ciao bella babies x

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