Friday, August 26, 2011

Walkin' In The Rain ~

Hi I'm home for a week and I'm happy about it.

Things I've Done Whilst In College

  1. Played water fight about twice now. Once during induction which was bloody cold since it was in the early morning and it was our last 'Morning Exercise'. And we just had our second one; our Revelation Day 'bashing' which was basically the seniors pouring water on us.
  2. Had movie nights in our common room ('cause L30 where's the party at). So far, we've only watched Aladdin and Lion King but still, so much fun ! Reliving our childhood one Disney movie at a time.
  3. Stumbled with books while running back to our chalet in the rain with Diyana. Not a pretty sight, with baju kurung and all.
  4. Witnessed Kaveetha and Diyana do the 'amoeba' and the MC Hammer dance..... also kinda odd but highlarious.
  5. Killed about a million ants with my bare hands.
  6. Appris le fran├žais avec Akmal en cours de maths
  7. Watched debate for the course of 3 weeks and glad to know that Garnet won both first place and fourth. YAYYYY ~
I haven't had the chance to play any sport though ('cause I'm slowly and painfully becoming into a hermit) but I'm going to try to in the future ! I don't know what sports per se, but I'm just going to try ("and the crowd goes wild", yeah, with laughter ha ha ha).

RAYA IS NEXT WEEK and I'm okay about it. Maybe it's cause of the week break JE. It used to be 3 weeks :"(

OK ciaoz demauzzzz (Kaveetha has been saying this and so have I. CURSES)

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