Monday, June 24, 2013

The Teachers

I really cannot imagine how KC managed to stay calm during his speech during graduation just now. If I were the one giving the speech, I think I would have cried really embarrassingly 2 lines in.

I'm incredibly and horribly sad that my stay in KYUEM has ended. This place has been my home for the past 24 months. I've said this before and I'll say it again; if I had the power to relive the 2 years in KYUEM again, I would do it in a heartbeat. No questions asked, just bring me back to the day I entered college.

This is because it was this college that I made the best of friends.
It was this college that I was taught by the best teachers.
It was this college that I learned to be independent.
It was this college that introduced me to some of the most intelligent and inspiring people I've ever met.

I am lucky enough to be taught by possibly, the best teachers around. Mr Conquest for my Economics, Ms Dalene for History and Ms Sabiha for literature. There is no saying how much I appreciate and how grateful I am for the opportunity to be taught by these people. They have single-handedly showed me that classes aren't all that dull and mundane. I looked forward to classes as much I looked forward for my free blocks. I find Mr Conquest to be possibly the best candidate to rule the college (and maybe the world) because his take on the economy and the modern society are both hilarious and true. I remember on our first day of Econs class, he straight up told us "There is no such thing as a stupid question". This is a trait of a wonderful teacher.

"Mr Conquest, I know this is a stupid question but..."
"Let me just stop you there. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you don't understand something, that does not mean you're stupid. Questioning things can never be stupid. Go ahead."

And that might be trivial but I absolutely love it when a teacher does not look down on you for asking things. He has never failed to teach someone something again and again if he/she does not understand. Believe me so, I was that someone. And I owe him a lot for that. The best. Mr Conquest is the best.

Ms Dalene is just downright freaking amazing. She is so bad ass, it is inspiring. I had a little bit of a downer in the morning prior to graduation because I was told off for wearing 'inappropriately' and that my baju was 'transparent'. (I kinda almost wanted to tell the teacher off saying 'Firstly, it's not transparent. Transparent is like glass. I'm not wearing glass. This is sheer. If you can't differentiate the two, I suggest you learn the terms correctly before scolding off someone) And she saw me and told me

"Hi Nadia, you look wonderful!" upon seeing my outfit and I told her about what had happened and she said to me 

"Just tell them 'whatever'. It's your day, not theirs. Don't let them ruin it for you."

She's perhaps the coolest teacher I've known and she will always always always be.

Ms Sabiha is kick-ass. She's freaking kick-ass. She tells it as it is, is unafraid of anything and treats us like adults. Literature classes has always been fun but after Ms Swift left, we were all kinda doubtful if the next teacher could be as fun as Ms Swift.

Ms Sabiha is 10x fun. She has introduced me to a kind of teaching where class participation is key. I've always been quite shy in Ms Swift's class but Ms Sabiha welcomes all thoughts and all ideas from anybody. She is a women of strength and courage and she is most inspiring. This sounds hella cheesy but she's the kind of person I wanna aspire to be. And insyaAllah, I will.

My gratitude and respect for these 3 people are boundless. College would have been entirely different if I hadn't been under their wings. I feel so blessed to have learned from the best, masyaAllah. So much respect and so much admiration. Will miss them immensely.

And to Bonda, of course for being our parent in college. She has been so accommodating and understanding albeit the strict exterior and always willing to indulge in a little gossip. Going to miss her!!!!!

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