Friday, June 28, 2013

Kaftan x Hoodie x Pimple Gel

I posted a prom photo on Instagram and someone had commented

"How do you always look so damn good like this?" 

and although so flattered, I wanted to send her a photo of what I looked like everyday since before trials!

This is me at prom (after 2 hours of make up and hair); 

and this is me everyday before that;

in my batik kaftan with hoodie and bed slippers and pimple cream and messy bun and my retainers. It's quite a sight lah. I stopped wearing make up for sometime before this because i) I wasn't going out so much ii) Even if I was, I became too lazy iii) My skin had to breathe. 

So I gave my skin a break and it's all for the better because my skin now is alhamdulillah, more clear! Pimple scars are a given and my complexion is by no means even and flawless but hey, at least no pimples!!! 

But yeah. Prom required me to go do my hair and make-up so that's why.

On normal days in college before and during exams, I was pretty much looking like a sloth. Only brought hoodies and sweat pants to college because the only time I was out of the chalet, was to go for meals and to the exam hall. Swear, if I could do my papers in my kaftan and a hoodie, I REALLY would have. 


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