Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parmesan Cheesy

How cheesy would it be if I started a blog post with...

... "Goodbyes are never easy."

Bapak cheesy gila.

But as cheesy and as cliché the saying goes, it's true. I had to say goodbye to my best friend today :((((

Really didn't want to get emotional but Marissa is a crier and when she cries, I cry. So when tears started welling up in her eyes, I get teary and I also go full on menangis sob sob like that...

I was supposed to send her to the airport but the flight got delayed til the next early morning and since I have an early day tomorrow (we're talking 6:40 am. What the...), it's unfortunate we cannot sob sob in the airport too.

Marissa will be leaving for Dublin and it's so far away from the UK so I'm quite sad that we won't be chalets away from each other. And now that she has hopped on the Apple bandwagon, that means no more BBMs from her!!! She's my soul sister and would often wake me up with her "Bebbbbbb".

So emotional tadi when I had to go back and we hugged about a 100 times. Can't get over that she's not going to be around that much anymore what with med school being so crazy.

So so so so so super duper proud of her and so happy that she got a med school in Dublin! 2 years of KY saw us got very very close and we were basically inseparable throughout. Can't imagine the next 5 years apart!!!! We're too clingy with each other and it only hit me tadi that uni life will be so different now that we're not within walking distance anymore!! Or driving distance for that matter. Would do anything for her and I know she would for me. Thanks Marissa for the brilliant past 2 years! Looking for more and more and more years togeva and may Dublin be amazeballs.

Can't wait to see you soon. Wishing you all the best and love and luck and happiness in the world. Love you, babe. Miss you so much already :(

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