Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mindless Chatter

I've been meaning to update my blog but I keep procrastinating and this annoys me because I genuinely genuinely want to go on a good blogging spree since I'm free from the shackles of university and exams.

I make university sound so teruk when it really isn't that bad..

So anyway!!

I just got back from a good 5 day trip to Barcelona and Paris with my sissypants. We left on the 20th and got back late last night. Phew! It's been tiring, all this traveling. Makes me wonder how singers do it with their tours and whatnot! It's hella exhausting. Ok fine so maybe they have their helpers to do their packing and unpacking and whatever but still! Traveling in itself is very memenatkan!

I'll blog more about Barcelona and Paris later in a different blog post, but right now I just wanted to make a post about my random 2 am mindless chatter.

If you've not heard of Sam Smith, please exit this blog and youtube the heck out of this guy! He's amazing and his music is so chilled and so cool and his voice so melodious, I can't even deal! My favourite is Nirvana and Stay With Me. His new album is pretty sick, so go have a listen!!! I might buy the album to bring home and have it in the car. The Nirvana song goes like, "Take me to Nirvaaaaanaaaaa" and everytime I'm so tempted to sing, "Take me to Nirwaaaaaaaanaaaaa" because I miss my favourite nasi daun pisang place, man. InsyaAllah, very very soon!!

I'm very much into green tea now; I try make a cuppa every night because I heard how good it is for your skin so why not. Sure, it tastes like paper but I mean, when has anything healthy been sedap anyway???

Any Grey's Anatomy fan here?????? The last Cristina Yang episode..... can someone please hold me!! I cried the whole damn episode; I really really cannot comprehend that there will no longer be Dr Yang in Seattle Grace (no, people, I refuse to call is Seattle Grace Mercy West nope, that's not what it is anymore ok)! I was soooo devastated and that episode just broke my heart. She's one of my ultimate favourite characters on the show and ughhhh, so much feels!!!!!

I spoiled myself silly and got Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment and heat protectant spray; basically the whole collection. And my hair is in suchhhhhh lush condition! I had my hair lightened by the ends because I've always wanted that ombré look. So I did. I bought the L'Oreal ombré kit and did it on my own. Didn't leave it for too long sebab I didn't want to go blonde all of a sudden. But it went pretty okay, not obvious, but it's there. ANYWAY, what I'm saying is that the chemicals did make my ends pretty dry but I was religiously on my Argan oil routine and it has helped wonders!! It really is magic in a pretty pink bottle...

So yeah, that's pretty much it! Will blog about ESP/FR soon !


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