Thursday, May 21, 2015


Found this video of Pana and I when we were in Prague on our last day there. Miss her (kinda) (sorta) (maybe). 

"So how has it been traveling with me?"
"It's been great..."

You can almost taste the sarcasm, guys.

So Prague!

I might have loved Prague a little teeny tiny wee bit more than Budapest. Weather was definitely much more tolerable but I think what I loved about Budapest was how precious it was. It's a relatively small city to go roaming around but it's so pretty and the buildings were all preserved to perfection and all beautifully coloured. I had such a good impression of Prague when we first explored it on the first day. 

We went to the market and it was so lively and there were so many souvenir/snacks stalls. We went to find the walking tour starting point and we had to wait for a bit before it started so we went around the market for a bit. It was a few days before Easter so it might have been there for the festivities. I'm not sure if it's a year round thing. 

Walking tour took us about 2 hours but we had such an excellent tour guide so it was all very very worth it. And this is coming from the laziest person you'll ever come across (me). It was so good that I even wrote a review on Tripadvisor. If you go to Prague, you have to go see with a walking group guide. It's super super worth your time and you just leave feeling very fulfilled because you learn so much more about the place. I think that's why I might have loved that place so much more. 

(Took a sneaky trip to the potato chips stall in the middle of the tour because hello??? Potatoes????)

Look at how beautifully coloured these buildings were! Our tour guide was incredibly helpful and he helped a lot with many of Pana's enquiries so I highly recommend you go with them. My tour guide's name was Filip if I'm not mistaken and the walking tour company is called Sandemans. The walking tour operates on a no early fee basis, you just pay what you feel like paying at the end of the tour. Pana and I felt this one was especially good so we were quite generous with our tip. He deserved it and if you were on the tour, you would be too! I have to thank Pana though for persuading me to go on the walking tour to be honest. I was quite reluctant because I was not too excited over the whole walking for 2 hours idea but it's honestly not bad at all. We stopped quite a few times and we spent a relatively long time at each one so it was all good in the hood.

After the tour, we returned to the market (because fat kids) to grab some snacks and I got one that was apple flavoured. I can't remember what exactly it was because they were all kinda the same anyway. Nevertheless it was good (like all desserts we had throughout the trip kahkah)! 

The clock behind Pana (if you can see) is SUCH a huge fuss there and it strikes on the hour and attracts tons and tons of tourists. According to the guide, who was himself a Czech, said this clock is the world's most disappointing tourist site next to the Mona Lisa. But he quickly turned it around and showed how it was actually very interesting. I don't know how to properly explain what happens when the clock strikes so it boggles the mind even more why tourist would gather all around to see it. 

I don't remember what we did at night because I didn't take any significant photos past this. I think we had dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby where this photo was taken. There were plenty Italian restaurants around so we just settled for one and it turned out to be really tasty! We even brought back some of the leftover pizza because this is us we're talking about.

Day 2 

Day 2 we went on a bus tour! 

Main agenda was to go see the Prague castle. But before that, we stopped over at the National Museum (but only to take photos in front of it) and then we proceeded to go find the tour bus to bring us to the Dancing House. 
To be honest! I though it was going to look a lot more colourful??
Was interesting to learn that the Dancing House was inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I think it would have looked a lot more captivating in the night with the lights on. 
Or maybe it was too cold to function so I just kinda wanted to leave hahaha

(Pana survived the whole freezing trip with a denim jacket................ idek)

Then we got on the bus to get going on the Castle walking tour. The guide wasn't as interactive as our previous one but he was alright, I guess. We learnt some things and he was also very accommodating to Pana's many questions haha
We walked around but Pana and I both came to the conclusion that it was just okay, it's something everyone would have to go just to see the castles and the churches but that's about it. 
(I sound like the most uninterested traveler ever but ok) (also maybe weather)

We then headed for the bus to bring us to the boat cruise where we got free entry from buying full day tour tickets. That was good but Pana was in the loo half the time and I was too engrossed with my fries hahaha it was an hour ride (I THINK) and we went back and forth the Castle Bridge and it was quite lovely to be honest. 

(In Pana's hands were springrolls we got from a local Chinese cafe.... I'm telling you, we were just always constantly hungry and we were always constantly eating. In fact, after eating an order of wontons, we went back to the cafe to order another one. IDEK)

(UGH I need to educate myself on this damn camera 'cause I look like a damn oompa loompa here)

I LOVED this window so much, I think I took like a billion photos of it. The colour scheme was beautiful and it was even so much prettier in real life. This photo didn't do justice! All the windows were also very very pretty, it was just that this one was super beautiful because of the pinks and purples. 

WHAT IS NEW, Pana and I eating again and again. Honestly, I was just constantly hungry and I would just always buy some unnecessary snack to munch on constantly. I don't know what they put in these potatoes but this one was especially damn delicious. We bought other ones from different stalls but not as nice as this one! I regret not buying myself 2. But then I again, I always regret not buying 2 of anything.

Day 3

Day 3 was our day trip to Vienna and that's a whole new story so I'll just post about it on another day. 

It's 2:38 am now and more than anything, I'm craving me some 'tatoes.



  1. Sandeman has really good tours in most of Europe. Usually when I plan my trips, first thing I'll check is their website to see if they have any tours in that city and also because they recommend really central places to stay!
    Really happy to read your last two posts (Budapest & Prague). Can't wait to visit those cities :)

  2. Thank you for always reading my blog, Jules!!! The cities were beautiful, I would LOVE to go again (when it's a lot warmer hehe). Hope you're doing well! Miss you loadssss!!!