Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December's Wishlist

Tis the season to be jolly!! We are approaching Christmas now and just like every festive season, the holiday spirit is contagious! Christmas is so beautiful; the lights, the decorations, the Christmas markets, even the wrapping paper is beautiful! It just dawned on me that this year's Christmas would be my last as a student in the UK!! I'm actually really devastated because despite the horrible weather, Christmas is so stunning here. Everywhere is just jolly and decorated with gorgeous fairy lights and Christmas trees. My heart swells whenever I pass by houses adorned with Christmas ornaments. Reminds me of the 'Raya lights' my grandfather would put up around his house come Raya! And I'm also really sad because every year I would look forward to Bristol's Christmas market for its Dutch poffertjes. Amazing. I only order the one with butter and icing sugar. Amazing. I'm questioning myself as to why I'm not having it every day in fact..

Anyway, the point of this post was to write my wish list down. I used to write these all the time. Wishlists. But it only went as far as that... just wishing. Hahaha.

I'm only going to London for a weekend this time 'round because I can't really be bothered to stay on for Christmas and Boxing Day so besides catching up with friends and eating loads, I'm hoping to squeeze some sneaky little Christmas shopping for myself.


1 Shoes


I've said this before; I really don't like shoe shopping.

I have one pair of black heels that I wear for every formal occasion; it's been with me for about 3-4 years.
If the flats I'm wearing have no holes, I'm good. Don't need a new one.
I currently only have one good pair of boots (The zipper on my Primark thigh high boots gave out eventually so I'm now left with one). And it's no longer doing its job, unfortunately. For every puddle I step in, my socks get more and more wet. There was a 'Would you rather...' question once involving '... or would you constantly wear wet socks?' which sounded like a torture.

It is.

So I'm now on the hunt on getting a pair of trainers/sneakers. I didn't really want one before because I know myself and I know that when I reach Malaysian shores, I'll only reach for my flats and sandals. But now I'm thinking I need to get a new pair of footwear because I foresee rainy days ahead and I really don't want to have sloshy steps. And the only feasible option was to get a pair of trainers. Reason being is that I plan to go back to Malaysia for good after graduation (which is only in a few months) so getting a pair of expensive boots would not make sense. Besides, I can always use my trainers as sports shoes for the days I go to the gym (hahahahahahahahahahahahaha).

So what do I want? I don't even know to be honest! Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of trainers so I don't know what's 'nice' and what's not. They all look the same to me. For now, the only thing I have in mind is a simple black one. And it has to be light weight and not too bulky. And not too expensive either. So basically Bata school shoes.

I was looking around the other day and they all looked like really serious running shoes. Look, Nike, I just want a simple one, I don't need sole absorbers or what have you. Just get me a decent one without making it look like I was going to run a marathon.

Sigh I miss my sandals.


2 Foundation


Tried and tested - NARS' Sheer Glow is the winner for me. I highly recommend it - it is my holy grail foundation and I'm reminded on how much I love it with every application. I'm almost nearing the last drop now so I'm torn between just sticking to it or getting a brand new one from a new brand. I've read a lot of positive reviews for Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation and I'm quite inclined to get it. It's also slightly cheaper than NARS' which is a plus.

I don't know if I should put my faith (and money) in Charlotte Tilbury's hands or should I just stick to what I know best? I'm very curious to how 'magic' this foundation is so I might make a trip to the CT counter one of these days. I try to find stockists OTHER than in Selfridges because that place is just crawling with people and sales assistant don't even look at you if you're not an Arab or Chinese so I've given up with that place.

Other than a new foundation and concealer, I've not been pining over any new make-up as of late. In fact, I left a lot of it back home. I only brought back a few lipsticks and a few of my NARS' eyeshadows. Maybe I should try getting a new blusher...


3 Camera


Ok, this is a big purchase. I think I might only get it once I get home to Malaysia next year. But I've been wanting a new camera for a bit now. I love my Pen but it's just too heavy and too bulky to bring anywhere. I want something you can just dump in your handbag instead of around your neck. So ideally, a point and shoot camera. Also with the camera I have now, although it takes beautiful photos in the day, it fails me once night falls. I've tried all sorts of settings but it's just not a night camera which is unfortunate because most of the events and occasions that would require me to whip my camera out happens to be at night or in low-lighting.

Maybe I should sell my current one? Hmm.


4 A backpack.


Seeing how this is already my third year, I made a choice to not bring any of my handbags back to Bristol. Because i) I didn't want to go through the hassle of bringing them back home later ii) What would I need to bring anyway? Just cards and phone. I don't even bring my wallet out anymore.

Then I remembered I'm a girl and I'm Asian.

Because where am I going to put my water bottle, my power bank (which btw the locals do NOT understand. It's revolutionary, guys. Keep up!), my hand cream, my mints/gum and a book??? Ok fine, I don't carry around a book with me but I'd like to have the option to??? I only have my WOC with me which can only barely fit my cards and lipstick. Everything else are all stuffed in my pockets. The bag I carry to university is a BRIGHT orange one and it doesn't go with outfits (hahaha allow me to be petty once in a while) so much so I'm looking to get a pretty decent backpack. Again, black. Leather. A non-fussy bag for a very fussy England. I also bought an 'N' sticker a while back and I want to slap it on and have a furry keychain with it.
It's going to be cute, guys. Wait for it.


5 Pillow


I have 7 pillows on my bed but they're all very soft and flat (might be because they're all like £3 a pop so ok fine my fault) but recently I had friends over so I had them sleep in my room and I slept in my housemate's room. She has 2 pillows. And both pillows are the memory foam ones. And man. There's a reason they're quite pricey in comparison to other pillows. They're amazinggggg! They appear quite shapely and hard but once your head hits the pillow, it just moulds comfortably for you. I can't believe I'm going on about a pillow but I'm soooo going to get these babies and have plenty of beautiful naps with 'em.


That's all for my wish list! Besides the camera, it's a pretty realistic list I think. (Hi Mum)

The thing I'm looking most forward to shop for?

I can scrape the last bits of my foundation and moisturiser no problem and I'll just avoid puddles but man, those pillows. Dreamlike.



  1. Hello! Firstly I would like to say that I love reading your blog. I stumbled across it about 3 years ago and haven't stopped reading since! Not to sound creepy or anything but I also went to KY haha and every time someone I know mentions your name, I always identify you as the 'blogger'. In fact, one of the reasons I became best friends with my bf is bonding over your blog :p. Anyways, on the sneakers note, I thought I'll just let you know that if you're planning to go for something lightweight, don't go for the Adidas Superstars. Try Nike cause their much much lighter! But one the down side, the ones which are nice aren't as water resistant compared to the Adidas ones. Hope that helps and enjoy your christmas break! :)

  2. Hi Amirah!! Thank you for reading my blog, always makes my day to know people actually read half the nonsense I write!! What batch were you in KY btw?? Anyway thanks for the recommendation!! I still haven't gotten around to try things out yet but I'll keep that in mind !! I think now I'm more inclined to get shoes that can tahan water a bit!

    Thanks again, Amirah! Hope you have yourself a great great holiday!! (Say hi to your bestfriend also haha)