Friday, December 11, 2015


I'm going to bullet-point my way through this blog post.

  • You'd think after living independently for a bit, I'd get the hang of routinely buying my groceries. I used to always complain about how often my mum would go grocery shopping. Every time we were in a mall, she always always ALWAYS makes a trip to the supermarket. Now that I'm living on my own, I undestand why. EXPIRATION DATES. Those darn things. I now put my bread in the fridge (shoutout to the Al Murisi sisters) and I now finally get to finish the whole loaf hahahaha. But every time I attempt to channel my (very hidden) domestic goddess, I always tend to put it off because I find that I don't have the right ingredients. And going to the grocers is such a pain. I would be complaining a lot less if I had my own mode of transportation but since that's not the case, grocery shopping is such a chore. I am aware of online delivery but that's only possible if I have to get > £25 worth of groceries when all I really need is cili merah.
  • I'm now listening to Justin Timberlake's 'Mirrors' and I remember the time when I had this song on repeat for at least 2 weeks straight. I still enjoy it though. I used to jam to every single song off the album but my favourites are Mirrors, That Girl and Strawberry Bubblegum. 
  • I just got back from dinner with Zati - haven't seen her in ages. And we're both in Bristol hah. She's been busy with work and I've been busy... at home. I'm always reminded how nice it is to just sit down with a friend and just talk. I feel so adult-like when I do go out on friend dates like these because it's such a contrast from when I was a kid when we would all go out in big groups. Laughs here and there but now that I think about it, there wasn't really much concrete and substantial conversation. I mean, obviously we were too young to have such conversations but we've all grown, haven't we! I'm a lot more comfortable having just a small group of close friends. I much prefer it. 
  • I don't understand Donald Trump. I don't think I even want to.
  • "It just may be because of the sons and daughters of this world that the people began to have faith in religions due to their parents who wished for their happiness and well-being above all else" - I got this quote from Reply 1988 (the Korean drama I've been watching and can't get enough of). I thought it was rather lovely. You know how parents go around saying "You'll never understand how much love you can ever have for someone until you become a parent yourself". I always pray for my parents and grandparents well-being and I know they pray for me too. It's known that in South Korea, about half of its population don't hold a religious belief. So knowing that fact, when I read this quote, it moved me a lot. From a South Korean perspective, children are that precious that parents are now believing in a higher power and praying to have their children know nothing but love and happiness. I was watching a Korean singing reality show ala American Idol (does anybody even watch that still?) and totally teared up when one of the judges asked the contestant "Do you know what makes a parent happy?" "By doing things that make them proud?" "No. Parents are the happiest when they see their child happy. That's all it takes". It's such a simple answer but it made me tear because of how sincere he sounded when he said that. Every time I do something for Iman or make her happy whether it's just getting her McDonalds, giving her her birthday presents or bringing her out for karaoke, my heart instantly grows with and for her. I get so happy just seeing her happy (and I do the same for Tania and Zaim but Iman is more likely to express her happiness out of the three hahahaha) and that's just my little sister. Imagine your own child! 
  • My goal in life is to somehow, someway, be established in Malaysia's fashion industry. I sometimes get embarrassed saying it out loud because I don't really dress the part. At all. I know so many people on Instagram and in real life who are a lot more fashion forward than I am. It's just that it's a lot of effort especially in the UK and it rains way too often these days to forego my very comfortable and very warm puffy jacket. And why would anyone leave the house with a hood-less jacket.
  • I finally bought my Skinny Mint detox tea again! I've grown to dislike the night tea because it has a funny spicy taste. I always just drink it while it's hot to mask the taste. 
  • But more importantly than the detox tea is that I bought ADELE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo I'm so ready to sing my heart out come March 22nd!! 
  • I really really really miss eating McDonalds at 12am.
  • I went to Boots the other day to get vitamins. Since I lived abroad, I have been living everyday without taking any vitamins. My mum usually would have a bottle of chewable vitamins and she would place it just at the corner of the TV stand by the door so every time we would go into our parents room (way too often than they would like) we just instinctively grab 2-3 of them before we leave. The ones here aren't as nice and sweet. Even vitamins in Malaysia tastes better!!! How!!!
Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead of them! Eat chips, watch reruns of your favourite TV show in bed and save your parents the worry and take your vitamins.



  1. I put my bread in the freezer hahahahahahah

  2. Lagi best ! I am still mindblown as to how I've not known about this for my whole life! The money we save...