Sunday, June 11, 2017

Quick Snaps #2

Hello! Hope everyone's having a blissful Ramadhan!

I'm glad I decided to start this Quick Snaps thing because I find myself reaching for the camera on my phone more often. I'm trying to reduce my Snapchatting and Instagram storying because yes, although you can save them to your camera roll, it's still really short-term sharing. Photos are photos - they don't have a 24 hour expiry date. 

- - - -

1    A  H O S P I T A L  I F T A R

- - - -

So one of our good friends, Afnan had to go get surgery for his leg. Something happened during a futsal session and he had to be admitted for it. Poor thing - apparently he has to be off sports for a good 9 months. 

But anyway, I created a Whatsapp group chat (I hate group chats - I mute all of them except for my family's) to berbuka together. I even named it 'Berbuka (for real)' because we have this long running joke where we would always say to berbuka together but it doesn't actually happen. We always say "Yeah, we should do that!" and no one really follows up with it. I'm trying to make it a point to make every "Let's!" to a 'do'. So this was one of 'em.

Fatin fetched me from my place and we went to the TTDI bazaar first before the hospital. We've concluded that when you bring women to a bazaar, you're just asking for it. Tons of food! But we were so rambang mata. This was our first time going for a bazaar this year so we were quite excited! Evident from the amount of things we got. (Also lookie my new sandals - the comfiest I have... and it's by NH lol)

My hardworking girls.

Group photo with the injured!

Get well soon, Afnan!!!! 

- - - -

2    R A Y A  P R E P

- - - -

I'm excited for Raya! Mainly because I didn't get to celebrate it home last year so I'm pretty stoked. One weekend, Mum, Iman and I went to our tailor to make our raya baju. Our tailor is this old Chinese lady who works from home. The side of her house is just her workplace and she has tons of people coming to her. Best part of it, she remembers everyone by number. I think my mum's 268. The numbers are pages to her very, very old and worn and loved book where she sketches and notes down the measurements for all of her customers. She's very old fashioned, I love it. 

I'll be in pink this year. You? 

The only other person I know who has those pink curlers in her hair is my grandmother. CUTE!!

She needed space on her book for my 2017 baju raya so she wanted to throw this out but I wanted to keep it. Everytime she measures me, she'll go "Ok, takde beza, badan you tahun lepas dengan tahun ini sama saja, tak naik tak turun!" hahaha going to her is like going to an annual weight check. 

- - - -

3    S E L I N A

- - - -

So Selina, my housemate from Bristol, and I have been planning to meet up for dinner for so long now and it finally took place this Wednesday. Eeeeep, so happy to finally meet her again! I haven't seen her since we left last year. She's like my bestfriend in that house. Definitely lucked out with her in the house. She and I stayed the longest in that house - everyone else either stayed a year or two only. Admittedly, Selina wasn't in the house for too much in our third year because she was staying with her boyfriend in London and I definitely missed her loads then. Wished we had spend more time together. We weren't the kind to like, always have dinner together but I always felt very comforted to have her under the same roof. I was pretty scared to go to Bristol because I didn't know what to expect with my housemates whom I've never met. Selina was the first to open the door for me when I first came in and when I saw her, I just immediately went "Ok, I'll be fine". 

I looooove the girl so much and I'm so grateful for all the things she's done for me and with me. So generous and so kind. Sigh. My home away from home <3 p="">

Quick rant : We went for dinner at Alexis and my spaghetti aglio olio wasn't that nice and it costed a bloody bomb! UGH. I feel like in Malaysia, the cheaper the food, the better. Anything else more than average market price is a rip-off. So as much as I love going to fancy dinner places, I'm always so disappointed with the food. I still love their pavlova but I'll pass on their main dishes. 

Looooooove you, Selina!!! Thanks for being the best housemate!!! 

I love this app, Snow, it makes me look so clear and so radiant. I look so tanned next to Selina so this was quite necessary. Also, I kinda love my long hair now. I think I might just get bangs again. Stay tuned. Also check out my sleepy eyes. I've been SO sleep deprived this week that I had to sit sahur out... twice! And I never not sahur!

- - - -

4    I M A N ' S  D O R M

- - - -

After a week of orientation, Iman got a whole week off. So she was home and bummed around with friends and us. She's such a FRIEND person, it's ridiculous. Almost every day she'd have plans with friends. I love my group of friends but don't think I could do EVERY SINGLE DAY (no offence, I love you all!!!). I mean, college was different. That was routine. We'd go to dinner together and all but we didn't hang out as much. Jokes, we totally hung out everyday but it was because we were all stuck in one place. Iman and her friends live all over but they always, always meet up.

Iman : I'm going out tonight k
Me : With who?
Iman : With A, B, C and D. I haven't seen them.
Me : Didn't you go out with them yesterday?
Iman : No, yesterday I went out with A, B, C and E. 

Like I said, SUCH a friends girl. But I'm happy that she is because that's what makes her happy and to know that she's always with people makes this big sister that much more comforted in letting her go out at night.

Sent her back on Sunday evening. My God, her place is so far! We all went to college away from home but definitely not as far as Iman's. It's only about an hour and a half away but still! She had tons of luggage to bring back (big surprise) so Mama and I helped her with her things.

Sending her back to college made me reminisce on the days when I was the one who went back to college every Sunday night. I miss college so much! Like 5 years later and I still can't get over my experience in KY hahaha 

- - - -

5    P A S A R  S E L O K A  R A Y A

- - - -

So if you're in KL and in need to prep for Raya outfits, make your way to Pasar Seloka Raya in Publika. It's being hosted by the wonderful people of Wondermilk. Nelissa has a booth there so I've been frequenting Publika quite often these past 2 weeks. Both for work and for a fun time. It doesn't really feel like work because Anis (intern/funny friend) is there now helping out and I sometimes go over after work to teman her for berbuka puasa. Crowd can get pretty intense so I help out as much as I can. And we've made friends with neighbouring booths which makes it even more fun. Anis might complain here and there but I think she secretly loves it. Come over! They've got plenty other brands. I've already bought a baju kurung from Parca Apparels (just next to ours) and a mascara from Solek hehe #supportlocal

Hafa, a friend I made who works at the booth behind ours is so bomb with her eyebrows so I asked if she could do mine. This is what we call 'work' ya guys. She told me she can spend 20 minutes doing her eyebrows ONLY! I spend like a minute max for both my brows, dude. Her full face of make-up takes her an hour to do. I don't know if I have it in me to wake up an hour just for my face. Nuh-uh.

- - - -

6    O N L Y  C H I L D

- - - -

Phew, I'm so glad I'm not the only child. But I've had to be that ever since Iman left for college. I won't be the only child for long anymore so I'll get what I can get, I guess (mostly my mum making my favourite dishes).

My favourite humans and their favourite thing - their phones.

- - - - 

Hope everyone is properly hydrated this Ramadhan! Do good, be good.


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