Sunday, November 12, 2017

HIBT and Casey

Nothing quite like a Sunday spent lying in and taking a few naps and watching endless Youtube videos.

I did my laundry, vacuumed my room, scrubbed the toilet floor and walls, and washed the dishes after lunch, showered (am a dedicated cold-shower person now), prayed Isyak and wore a sheet mask to calm my purge of zits. My ideal Sunday probably wouldn't have consisted of doing chores but I mean, this was a good Sunday anyway because I had a good rest.

Went out for a surprise birthday dinner last night celebrating Syazwan's 24th birthday this coming Tuesday. And I was very excited about it because i) I haven't seen friends in a long time ii) I got to dress up a bit iii) I got to eat lasagna (which I found to not be that good but I'll make do). So nice to meet up with friends again that wasn't at a mamak haha.

It's irritating me that this photo isn't straight but I can't be arsed to fix it.

What I've been doing an awful lot these past week or so is listening to a LOT of How I Built This podcast. Sometimes I'd listen to an episode more than once. I think the reason why I've always wanted to start my own thing is not just because I love fashion and retail but because I genuinely am very, very interested and intrigued by the business world - it's so hectic and unpredictable and sometimes doesn't make sense at all but that's why I love it. I'm so curious about the dynamics of the ever changing market. Pair that with my habit of wanting to know everything about everyone and my endless need to understand how things are made and you have a #1 fan of a podcast. I'm so inspired every time I listen to an episode and I always, ALWAYS pester my family and friends to listen to them because it's just so good. I look forward to my long car rides home from work because that's all I listen to. Music isn't cutting it anymore for me hahaha. I think I've probably mentioned it way too many times here on my blog but I tried listening to other podcasts about entrepreneurship and start-up's and all that but it doesn't have the same... charm as How I Built This does. Listen here.

Another thing I'm obsessed with is Casey Neistat. Oh my God, I love the guy and the content he puts out. He is such a breath of fresh air. The only other daily vlogs I used to watch is Judy and her family but I fell off the wagon and now I've discovered Casey I feel like I can't go back to any other vlogs that doesn't have a drone shot and chaotic filming hahaha. He makes everyday feel like an event and he's just an ace filmmaker in general - the effort he puts out for his vlogs deserves the attention he's getting and more! I can't even piece a good 10 minute vlog (I still have my Singaporean trip in drafts and that trip was in September) and this guy is putting out videos with crazy good content and if you watch it, you know what I mean when I say how he makes his vlogs so effortless. I would've finish watching a video and I'm like "That was it???", not realising it was a good 15 minute video which in vlog time is pretty damn long. And on top of all that, he also seems like a solid great guy. Whenever he has fans saying 'hi' to him, he's always a sport about it and he LOVES his kids and it always makes me smile when he explicitly tells how much he loves his wife, son and baby daughter. And he makes me want to go to New York just *that* much more. LOVE HIM.

As for personal life, work is going okay and no, no boyfriend yet. 


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  1. Can I just say I am now relating to the bit about loving the long car rides to and from work?! It's almost like a self improvement time.