Sunday, March 18, 2018


My first trip to Jakarta! And for Java Jazz Fest!

I've always always always wanted to make the trip to Jakarta for the longest time and finally I was going to! And for its annual Java Jazz Fest too so I was extra stoked. This was a birthday present from my parents for both Tania and I so it was just the both of us. Just like old times! No vlog this time 'round because it was a very, very short trip and half of it was spent in car rides getting from one place to another.

We went to Java Jazz only for a day instead of all 3. We really just wanted to go for Daniel Caesar and Yura Yunita. Only found that Jaz was performing that day also! Was sooo happy. I loved the energy of the festival - all full of people of all ages who genuinely loved music. Jazz is so embedded in the Indonesian culture and it was really cool to see young Indonesians thoroughly enjoying themselves to slow music that isn't particularly too popular with youths everywhere else. I loved it - the vibe, the spirit, the singing along, the dancing, everything. 

We also got to go to Pasar Mayestik and managed to get some kain for Raya. It was really fun but that's definitely a whole-day thing and we went pretty late and wanted to make our rounds so didn't get to ronda as much as we'd loved. I HIGHLY recommend it for all brides-to-be because it's so cheap and the kain is beautiful. We got some lace, some songket and some batik and some normal kain. It's SO darn cheap, don't be surprised if you end up using most of the holiday budget at that one place.

Indonesia is pretty cheap in general, from food to hair salons (Tania got her hair did 3 days straight) to the kain batik so you're good to go with a rather small budget. Even Grab rides are cheap though we did tip them a bit more because we just felt it was ridiculous that an hour ride was only RM9! 

The only gripe I have with the otherwise wonderful city is the traffic. People go on and on about the traffic and you're like meh what busy city isn't swarmed with cars.  The traffic is no joke - people always tell you about the 'macet' (traffic in Indonesian) and you're like 'Psh ya but what city doesn't have traffic'. Well lemme tell you about it all. It might seem like 15 minutes distance on your Google Map but it takes a whole damn hour! And that's normal!!! Tania and I totally underestimated the traffic and the time it takes up so we didn't get to go to a QUARTER of the places that we'd like. But that's fine - all the more reason to go again! (err AirAsia is having a huge sale right now err i might or might not book again). My advice is to maybe not be too ambitious and have everything crammed in a few days because then you'll be really rushed and unhappy. It's a holiday anyway so take your time with it. 

I really, really, really am looking forward to making another trip to Jakarta - I didn't have time to really love and appreciate the city. People are really nice though - very hospitable. Try and speak the language if you can - pick up a few good words here and there to make it look like you're trying. Like with every place you go, it's always pretty helpful to know a couple of phrases because they appreciate the time you took to know the language. 

Photos (though not many) !

The very talented and very handsome, Jaz Hayat.

Yura Yunita - what a voice and what an entertainer. Can't wait to see more of her.

And the best part (heh geddit), Daniel Caesar. Sigh. SO effortlessly good.

One of the prettiest restaurants I've been - it's called Three Buns. Serves mostly burgers but I had a rice bowl which was meh. So up my alley all these greenery and odd seating arrangements. Defo would come again. And maybe actually get a burger.

What colour shall our raya baju be this year.... hmmm

Buying Indonesian snacks. At this point of day, we were just so ready to head back to the hotel room. And eat hot cheeto puffs.

Sempat take a selfie while waiting for our bags at the WRONG carousel. 

Told you not many photos. I'm usually very lazy to take photos or I suck at it so I just don't do it entirely. But it was a fun trip - I promise I ate more than just those meh burgers. I'm a nasi girl so I ate nasi everyday but I was often too hungry to bother taking photos. And it's just... rice. With some really hot sambal omg hungry again now.

Loved the trip - thanks Mama and Papa for the birthday present. Twas a good one. Next year London pulak? No? 


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