Saturday, March 31, 2018

Update on March

Took me a while but I seriously maybe need to adapt a better lifestyle. I'm constantly in a sitting position - I sit at work, I sit on the hour drive back home, at home I'm in bed. I wanna go for like an evening walk but by the time I'm home it'll already be Maghrib. I'm going to go back to swearing off soft/sweet drinks and swear off fast food for a while. Like... a month long. I'm back on my daily green tea fix so hopefully this lasts for a while. I remember in Bristol, green tea was all I had.

It'll be April in a few days. Stepping into the second quarter of the year already, what!!!! January felt like 2 years and March like 2 days. It's the weekend tomorrow and I've got work on Saturday but meeting with friends for brunch/lunch so that should be fun. I'm going to make it a point to meet up with friends like once in 2 weeks. I don't like scheduling back-to-back because it's quite exhausting and as much as I love my friends, I also love having dinner with my parents and I hardly see them, what with work and all so I like that I'm home to have at least a meal with them at the end of the day.

Mama's 50!

Mama turned 50! The most kind and generous and ridiculously good hearted person turned 50 the past weekend. Wished we could have given her more since 50 is a milestone but alhamdulillah she looked like she loved everything. She's really a superwoman and she's such a wonderful being, I can't put it into words just how much she means to me. She's literally my favourite person. Ever. She's retiring in like 5 years so insyaAllah I hope to do well so I can give her the best retirement days that she very well deserves. She reads my blog so hi mama we don't always say it but we love you tirelessly.

The March babies. Don't they look SO much alike???

Dolly Dim Sum's birthday crew was so fun - they had a guitar (ukelele? idk) and a whole bunch of them sang. Really fun.


If you're wondering where I get my cakes - they're all from Lilylola. Cake's really really sedap and they always deliver with their design. I initially wanted a different kind of cake but they couldn't do it at the last minute so this was Plan B. Still really pretty and my mum loved it. 
(But if you're into taste more than the exterior, then I know of this baker in Taman Tun, her name's Cecilia and she seriously makes the BEST tasting cakes ever. We've been ordering from her since children and she never fails. She doesn't do elaborate flowery designs like this and the rest that you see on Instagram but she does really good ones regardless).

Iman Turns 19!

Iman's now 19 :((((( How is this baby already 19. She's really the best and all her friends know it too. My mum was quite worried for her when she got into UiTM because she thought people would not want to befriend her because of her BM skills (spoiler: she has none). But she pulls through anyway - she can make friends with anyone anywhere, she's just that nice and friendly. Eep, baby girl's so big now.

Ola Bola the Musical

So as an early birthday treat, I took Mama out on the raved Ola Bola the Musical. My mum loves watching anything at Istana Budaya because she (and also I) believe that in order to have a show at Istana Budaya, production must be top notch. And this was produced by Tiara Jacqueline so obviously will be so good. And it definitely was - I was afraid it wouldn't meet my expectations because they were pretty high but YAY it did and it exceeded too. I was in awe of so many things from acting to singing to props to tech to sound to everything! I loved it and I can't wait to go watch more! 


This was a whole bunch of us after watching Nabil's play at Damansara Performing Arts Centre. So glad I have a friend so involved in the local theatre arts because I would have never known of these productions and of these places. Also, it's nice to go support a friend. He did damn well too. Can't wait for his next one! 

Najihah's back from the States! Well, at least she was. She came home for a week to settle her visa and now she's back there. We may not be as close as we were then but it was genuinely so nice to be reunited with friends I grew up with in high school. I miss it!!!

Also I seem to have cracked my back camera so in some photos, you can see the random ray of light because of the crack. I kinda dig it.


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