Thursday, May 10, 2018

My first voting experience!

So today was the first time I went out to vote! First experience! I was quite excited and quite nervous about the procedure because everyone's been sharing the guide on how to vote properly so I was extra cautious about the ink and about the stamp and serial number on the ballot. But hopefully mine was fine? Also, it helped a lot that I went with fellow first time voters - my siblings! So the 2 hour + wait wasn't too bad I guess. We went at 8:40 and only managed to vote close to 11. I think there definitely should be a call to improve the voting procedure. But it was pretty nice to see everyone come together to fulfil their civic rights. And it made for a pretty cute Instagram photo. 
Kasi chance lah k, first time ni!

My mum insisted on taking a photo of us when she dropped us off. Good thing I brought that water bottle because it got warm and we were all growing tired from lining up. HYDRATION IS KEY!!!

The line at about 9 am! 

I hate this ink thing btw it looks absolutely gross now. Can't wait to get it off.

So after what seems like 10 years, results are in and I stayed up til about 3 in the morning, watching the coverage on TV and on Twitter. Let's be honest - social media has definitely played a key role in this election. For better and for worse. People were more aware especially kids of my generation and that was definitely proven in the turn out. It's always a good thing when the nation's youth come out to participate in what has become a historic election. But on the other hand, social media has also enabled fake news and wild assumptions to be spread irresponsibly. I have a grown distaste for rumours and baseless assumptions when it comes to things like this. We have to practice caution when spreading information on social platforms - do your research and always, always ask!!!! Always enquire about the source's authenticity. It's so dangerous when it gets out of hand. It builds a horrible misunderstanding that then leads to contempt and hostility towards a political party. Just as it's our duty to vote and speak up on all the wrongs we face, it is also our duty to be responsible when it comes to spreading news. At the end of the day, be ready to come up with your source and ensure that it checks out. What are you going to do if it doesn't? Once a rumour gets out, it'll catch like wild fire and do you really think you're able to take responsibility of the lies and groundless presumptions you've headed? Once it's out, it's out. There was a tweet about the former PM colluding with other political parties to oust the new government and how they were prepared to pay 20 million to said political parties to agree to this. I asked on how she got this information and I've still yet gotten a reply. 
Like I said, always be ready to give anyone who asks, an authentic source. 

Another thing; there is definitely a need to establish a better and safer and smoother voting process. There has to be a way to quicken the process and make it... I guess... tolerable? People came out in the numbers which was wonderful but they had to stand in the hot sun and for popular places, often for a long time. Maybe have more rooms opened with more than just 2 voters at a time? Maybe introduce better queuing systems - one that is more efficient and clear? The whole of Bandar Sri Damansara voted in one school. Maybe open up more stations around? Should there be canopies and fans at the ready? I understand it's hot all year round but what if it was raining? Wouldn't that highly inconvenience the voters? Also, what can be done to ensure that postal votes reach ahead of time? I need to know the operation process that went behind this. Was it just poor planning from the SPR or was the postal service accountable for the delay? Maybe have polling stations based in places around the world with a high Malaysian population? Say in London and a few around the US and Australia? I liked how there were lines for the elderly so that they didn't have to wait around long. My grandparents were in and out within 10 minutes which I thought was fantastic. 

But nevertheless, it was a great first time and to think this election will be written in history books is quite cool. But I hope we continue to be critical of the new administration and eliminate all biases. Also remember that there were honourable people who worked at the last administration so always be nice about the win. Celebrate but be respectful about it. No sticking out your tongue or boo-ing as that would render your victory to lose worth. This new administration sheds light on the change that's much needed but if you yourself can't change for the better, then would this really mean anything more than just a transfer of power?

Sincere congratulatory wishes to the newly formed government and our new prime minister. Watched Mahathir's swearing in by the King just now with the family. Historical moment and I genuinely and sincerely want to see him soar to greater heights - even greater than the ones he's achieved before. I also hope and pray, that because he's now an aged man, he has the strength and energy and confidence to govern this county well and moga dia panjang umur. He's a great and highly respected man and I hope the next 5 years prove to be the best ones yet.


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