Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sarah gets engaged!

Ok 2 weeks difference between my last post and today's. Not half bad.

So! Exciting news. Sarah is engaged!!!! Sarah's my friend from college and she's the sweetest person. Really, like she is so nice!! The kind of person you can NEVER think of anything bad to say. Not that you should but you can't say anything negative about this girl even if you really really tried. So happy for her. This was also the first time I've been to an engagement! Didn't really know what the procedure was or how it was supposed to be. Like what do you say?? What happens after the ring is given to the blushing bride-to-be? Does everyone just sit around feeling awkward? No? Just me?

The night before the engagement day, Sarah texted Fatin and I to come over and help her out with things. It ended really more of a gossip session while trying to figure out how to balance fruits on a dulang hantaran and arranging flowers. It was really fun. Tryna rid Sarah of all her nerves and worries!

We were supposed to be early the next morning but I slept so late so I was slightly late. In time to see her getting ready and stressing about her tudung. I didn't know they were technicalities to getting the tudung right! She looked so pretty as she always does. Got to meet her family and friends also which was really nice! I actually low key love making new friends. I know I always say that I like being a homebody but it's always very, very nice to meet new people. Sarah's friends were so nice and friendly so it was a great time meeting the dulang girls hehe.

Graceful as always... this girl was so impatient! The guests had only came in and she was itching to go downstairs to see what was going on.


Marissa stressing out that I asked her to do my eyeliner. So I asked someone else to do it hahaha

Emotional. We're so big already!!!

Sarah is now officially engaged! Can't wait for her big day! Also, you can't tell but she's actually stressing about her tudung and veil.

The theme was lilac if you can't already tell so I actually had mine made for the occasion. Extra, I know. But atleast now I have something lilac in my closet for future lilac-themed engagements. 

All together now!

Before ending the blog, real quick. I was about to go meet my friends for dinner at Dolly Dim Sum and out of all days I decide to be economical and took the train. I was running late and as I was making the switch from the MRT to the LRT, my shoe strap came off. A wave of panic came over me. Shit. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WALK. It's the kind of shoe that had one thin strap to support the weight of my walks so once that gave in, it was rendered completely useless. As I was trying to figure out what the f*ck was I gonna do, a group of girls (and their sassy guy friend) came over to me and was like,

"Do you need glu gajah?" 
"Glu gajah. We saw you just now and felt so kesian!"

TBH I was more 'Huh?' because like? Who carries glu gajah around??? And why am I not doing the same???

"Yes please!!!!!"

and they helped me glue the strap back into its place and even asked if I'd like them to stay 'til the glue dries. The whole time I was in awe because I mean how nice were they to come over and help me out. They said it's happened to them plenty of times so they understood how it felt. Bless them I love you guys thank you for being my life saviours!!!! I hope good things come back for all of you!!

But friends, night got worst. I didn't wait for the glue to dry because what am I if not impatient and hungry. So I walked to the trains very slowly and carefully. But still very panicky because well... I got on the wrong train. Next thing you know I was at KL Sentral - going the opposite direction. So as I hopped off KL Sentral, my strap came undone. Again. If I had just been cool, calm and collected and gotten on the wrong train, this wouldn't have happened and even if it did atleast I was already at KLCC!!!!! FML. Struggled to walk - went over to a telecom booth and asked if they had cellophane tape and they were very dismissive. How can you not have cellophane tape or glue anywhere around??? You're a business??? Whatever - gave them a mental middle finger and limped my way back to the right train. Obviously missing it because I was walking too slow. 

I was texting my group of friends explaining the situation and they laughed and that made me laugh so that was good. Had to ask them to get me a pair of whatever sandals because I needed it. Got off the train and Amal was there to the rescue with my bright pink (I appreciate the thought) pool sliders.

Crying. They're easily repairable but now I'll have a longtime trauma and these are my favourite no-brainer silver heels!

And my new pool sliders. It went well with my outfit so there's that.

Just needed to document this on my blog because I have to remember the girls at the train station who came to my rescue and were so gracious about my incident and then the girls at the restaurant waiting for me too who made my night a lot better.

I don't always do but damn, I love people.


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