Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sarah is a married woman!

*cue the tears

So one of my very, very good friends recently got hitched! And it has been something she's always wanted for all the time that we've known each other; to love and be loved eternally. Alhamdulillah, she has found a partner for life in Asyraff and they took the big step to marry. 

I love Sarah, she has been the sweetest and most wonderful girl I've known since we first met in KY. Like with all my other friends, I have NO recollection on the first time we met but Sarah has been, since day 1, the nicest to me. She talks so much and she's loud and she's funny and she's generous and hardworking and beautiful in and out. My heart bursts for her - she truly deserves all good things this world has to offer for her.

I was lucky enough to be named a bridesmaid and be in the loop for all her wedding prep. From sorting out her hantaran the day before her engagement to giving her a contact for a caterer (after hers bailed on her nikah day!) to seeing her cry during speeches at last night's reception. I love her so much and I can't believe she's all grown up and married!!

Here are some beautiful photos from the events (photo credits below!) ;

Sarah was SO STRESSED in the days leading up to her wedding - to the point where we didn't want to tegur her or be funny funny because she would have nONe of it hahaha

With the bridesmaids :") I had SO much fun being part of this bride tribe (my very first!) and I love these girls - so sweet and beautiful.

One with the groomsmen!

This was also super fun! Fatin, Marissa and I had a sleepover at a hotel and I looked forward to this for so long because i) A hotel!! ii) With my friends!! iii) Sleepover!!!

MasyaAllah how beautiful!!!! We were there the night before for rehearsals and didn't see all this glory until the day of. SO beautiful - we were in awe.

These photos are courtesy of the wedding photographers and interlaced with our (the bridesmaids) iPhone photos. I'm pretty sure you can tell which are from the iPhone and which are professionally taken hahaha

It was *hot*. Like......... really.

We were so amused by....

... a comical groom.

I love this photo! It was blistering hot and we couldn't have our eyes open for so long but we managed to pull a great one, guys!

We all love you so much, Sarah!!! You make a hella pretty bride.

See how pretty!!!!!

"Can you feed me because I don't want to mess my lipstick!"

Cool, calm and collected.

And after the nikah, we went back to the hotel and Marissa had to leave for Temerloh for her cousin's wedding so she unfortunately, had to miss out on the night reception :/ I stole bit of a nap before Beii, my make-up artist, came over to doll me up. I WAS SO TIRED! We woke up at 5:30 to get dressed for the nikah because we had to go to Sarah's wedding by 7 for a bit of a photo shoot. 7!! AM!!

So glad that through Sarah, we all met Farah - her best friend since primary school days and Sarah's maid of honor.

UGH I love you Sarah, I'm so happy for you!!!

Moving to Asyraff's side of the wedding last night. It was at Putrajaya so it was a good 45 minute drive. Phew. Managed it thanks to a lot of good Spotify music (and when I say good I mean listening to Ruel all night long!).

How cute is the theme! It was a P.Ramlee themed wedding and it was super retro. Down to the invitations Sarah sent out to us to the emcee who was dressed in '50s garb. With dancers and singers all! 

With my soul sister, Fatin. Thank you for being my plus one and for coincidentally matching!! Luh you! Moga the next wedding kita ada plus one for real.

And that's it!

Damn, after all this planning and staying through Sarah's side throughout her bridezilla times - we doggone made it!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Sarah is truly the nicest person I have met and so you cannot imagine how happy seeing HER happy makes all of us who know her.

We love you Sarah, have a wonderful honeymoon and a blissful marriage, we are always in awe of your beauty, strength and generosity and we can't wait to see you again. Thanks for leaving us all still single!!!!!!!!

Hehe love you.

(Asyraff surrenders to Naima)
(took me some time and I had to ask Fatin for help)




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