Sunday, October 13, 2019

Work Update

I think it's the first time in my working life that I've felt so overwhelmed with the work load. I like being busy and productive, don't get me wrong but it gets too much sometimes. I'm only 4 months old in this new company and I've already learned so much to which I am thankful for. But man, it's a lot to handle sometimes. To the point where if a work group chat pops up on Whatsapp, I get so nervous to see if it's anything to do with me. And they know no mercy, whether it's at night or whether it's the weekend, they'll bombard the group chat if need be. It's just pretty tiring.

I know it gets easier over time but it's such an unsettling feeling to know that it's such a long way to go to be good at your job. And I'm so far from it - I beat myself up for being so inept all the time. It's a different environment from my previous job, it's a lot more fast paced, a lot more challenging and a lot more demanding. I'm adapting but it can get so difficult.


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