Monday, October 28, 2019

I've got friends


It's another long weekend. Bliss! Not a single work text too! I love 3-day weekends; if I ever was put in a position of power I'd definitely ask for 3 day weekends. Or at least 1 day off per month (any day of your choosing) and is taken as compulsory leave. To recuperate and reenergise. BECAUSE WE ALL NEED IT.

The other day my friends were talking about a orchestra at KLPAC and it reminded me of the Pixar Orchestra that Amir Azam, Amir Zain and I went in London at Royal Albert Hall. I didn't have the grainy selfie of us on my phone but I knew I had blogged about it so I just googled my name and 'Pixar'. True enough - first entry was my blog post on that trip to London. Which made me SO happy that I blogged about my days in the UK. And of high school and of college. I'm going to regret not blogging much about my life as working girl so I'm going to ****try**** to be as frequent as I can with this blog. 

I haven't had a photo update here for so long so here goes;

Yusrina Gets Married

Yusrina got married! So naturally it was a mini high-school reunion. It just occurred to me that it would've been a good 10 years since we (class of '10) graduated! 10!! Years!! Where has the time gone. Got me reminiscing about the good ol' days of JUST studying. Haha. I said it aloud the other day - 'Wished I was still studying - I miss it'. My 17 year old self would've been totally disappointed because 17 year old me hated studying. 

My baju kurung is courtesy of Mama - wished they still made batik like that! Pink batik bag is courtesy of Shera hehe.

Ok so none with the bride - they were all professionally taken so none with me. But it was so wonderful to see my high school girls again after so long. And so lovely to see Yus get married - she's one of the nicest souls seriously she's never not have a smile on her face!!

Kamar's Wedding

Oh look - another wedding. Hahahaha. I remember that few weeks were just weddings right left and centre. I didn't even have to be invited to one, I just had to open my damn Instagram to see about 70 people get married. 

Again no photo with the bride and groom because they're always all professionally taken! And it's never with us but anyway my most sincere congratulations to Kamar and Rus!!!

Compulsory wedding selfie with Amir.

And compulsory photo with one of my favourite girls ever - Fatin.

Does Tariq think he's cute? Weigh in the comments section below.

Love my boys.

Dinner Beramai-Ramai

So I was at Hawker Hall and I think I've brought so many friends there that it's become a running joke in the office - that I'm Hawker Hall's biggest fan. I mean, the food's okay but I just love the whole environment! It's being at a hawker place without actually having to be ... there. Hahaha. I recommend the Sixty Bites burger and the Korean chicken, guys!!

But yeah anyway, I was there one night and saw that they had a brand new menu so naturally I sent it to my work group chat and they were like "Ok let's go again!". So they organised a dinner there for the whole office.

So I'd like to think it was because of me.

That sweet, excited lady is one of the directors of the company. 

One with my team!

Dinner Beramai-Ramai Part 2

I say 'Part 2' because I actually did not have anything to eat at Hawker Hall with my colleagues because I had another dinner with Kanda just right after that. And this one I actually organised so I kinda want to go all out makan there instead.

KANDA WAS BACK FOR A HOT MINUTE!!!! And of course I gathered the gang for a dinner with Dr Kanda himself. It was really nice to have everyone come together again after so long because it felt like being at the dining hall in college again. I know I bang on about KY all the damn time but this honestly felt like college nights having dinner together. 

A hearty dinner with the best company.

May we forever forever forever be this close.

The OG Trio

Wanted to catch an intimate get together with Kanda and Marissa so that's exactly what we did. Kanda has been such a dear friend to both Marissa and I and it sucks that we don't get to see him so often now since he's all the way in Glasgow for work. So it was nice to go out just the three of us again. Even if it's just for a few hours.

We love you loads, Kanda. We wish you were home but we're very very very happy that you're doing great things there. Work as best you can and be the best doctor you can be, we'll cheer you all the way. Love you love you love you, can't wait to see you again soon.

Another College Reunion (???) 

Ok you guys can call me the Queen of Organising Dinners now. My dear friend, Julian, the sweetest of all time, is also back for a hot minute for his sister's wedding so of course I wanted to have dinner with him. And this was also another excuse to berdinner beramai-ramai again. I love seeing my friends and so I'm very happy to organise these things! 

Julian's only request was that he have Asian food so for me, that's of course Muhibbah at Sg Penchala. I've loved that place since it was first in Taman Tun and wanted to share that with everyone. Good thing they also really liked the food. Enough to wipe clean everything we ordered. I also brought a birthday cake for Izmal whose birthday was just the day before. 

Ok that's all there is for now. I actually have tons more to post but it's back to work tomorrow and it's already 12am. I still need to watch an episode of Be Melodramatic (thanks Aiman!).

And to whoever who still reads this space, thank you - I love that you do.


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  1. I still do. Really great seeing you transitioning into a working lady and staying positive and enthusiastic about life, still! there is hope, ppl