Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Social Distancing (or lack thereof)

In spirit of social distancing, here are photos of the past events in past weeks that I have completely forgotten to post. And I really want to have it up here for keeps.

Bowling party! I haven't gone bowling in so long so decided to organise one at OU with my friends. Turned out to be so damn fun and can't wait to go again. I had exactly *one* strike and *one* spare hahaha but it was fun and I enjoyed myself completely. 

If you can't see it, we're pointing to the 'Single League'. Because... we're... single.

After my strike. Hahahahah

- - - - -

My sweet little Nana celebrated her 27th birthday with us! The loveliest and the kindest. Love you so much, Nana! Thank you for always keeping me company on those lonely Bristol nights. I cherish you forever.

Pose mak-mak.

This was at Dayana's SUPER SUPER fun Galentines Day celebration at her house. It was soooo fun and I met so many new friends and we bonded over our love for Glossier and Whimsigirl and laughed so hard over our deep, dark secrets. It was so much fun and I still remember the night like it was just yesterday! Loved being around energetic, funny, intellectual and inspirational girls. Can't wait for more of these to come! 

- - - - -

- - - - -

So we've got two new girls to join the junior team; Sofea and Khay Ryn who have been nothing but the nicest and sweetest! Since we haven't gone out for dinner just us, we decided to go have Fatty Crab! Loved it as you can very much see from the mess that is our table. The table next to us was outright chaotic so we had to shout over each other to be heard but other than that, all good! I was so hungry leading up to this dinner so this was such a fulfilling dinner. 

We all hopped in Brittany's car and an impromptu decision brought us to have late night desserts at Kooky Cream! Mun Theng and I had just been around the area for a meeting just earlier that day so we thought of checking out Kooky Cream. Surprised to see it was completely packed! Even at close to 1030pm! Obviously Covid19 wasn't a worry yet.

We had such a fun night out and laughed so much. I came home feeling so happy and grateful that I was put in the same batch as these girls because we've honestly gone past through just being colleagues and are friends for life now. So much love for these girls. Makes coming to work so easy.

- - - - -

My sweet, sweet darling of a girl Diy is getting married later this year and I've been chosen to be a dulang girl. I'm soooo happy for Diy and Bab and can't wait for it to all come together! Love you for eternity, Diy.

Comes with the sweetest handwritten letter and the most beautiful kain. Can't wait!!!

- - - - -

My seniors got married! Thank you Zehan and Tank for having us there at your beautiful ceremony; it was so intimate and perfect. So happy for you both!

- - - - -

Hawker Hall again??? At this rate, I should be entitled to a VIP discount. Brought them there just last week because I wanted to eat Sixty Bites and the boys loved it. So we went again this past weekend. 

Amir Zain had a flat tyre so we were all there to help him out. When I say 'we', I clearly mean to exclude myself. I was there to take photos and videos and the occasional flashlight. 

This is how I differentiate myself and the boys. When Amir Zain told us he had a flat tyre, he laughed and Olan said to him "Apa lagi? Adventure lah!". To the boys, a flat tyre and having to figure it out was an adventure!!!! If it happened to me, I would've been a whole bag of emotions. Mostly pissed and scared cause I wouldn't know what to do! So being there with them taught me a bunch of things I hope to never forget hahaha

- - - - -

Then just this past Saturday, Suraya and Naqi got married!!!! I'm over the moon for them, especially Suraya who I've known since I was 14. She is truly one of the nicest, most kind, most generous and most humble girls I know ever. She always speaks so sweetly of others and would not even harm a fly. I love the girl to bits and I was so happy to be there and see her get married to the love of her life. 

This was meant to be a remake of the polaroid of us in Form 4 in our Pandu Puteri uniforms. Sarah stands in for Suraya who was a busy bride at the time.

To the beautiful bride and groom, am beyond happy for you both and here's to many many beautiful and blessed years ahead of you. Love you so much, Suraya! 


Ok so that's pretty much all of it! Enough to get out of my system before the 14 day self isolation and social distancing. Be safe, people! 


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