Tuesday, March 17, 2020

this whole covid 19 thing,

Time for an update!

I've gotta admit. I didn't think much of the Covid 19 disease in its early stages as I thought it'd be well-contained and not be too much of a big deal here. And though I still think it's not a huge deal *yet*, it's steadily rising and you can never be too careful with these things. So I've been washing my hands like 50 times a day and I get paranoid after touching hard surfaces like door knobs, tables, elevator buttons. But I will say though that I've done nothing but adhere to the social distancing movement. Haha. It's actually horrible!! I go to work on the daily but I work by a mall so I go lunch at crowded places everyday! And on the weekends, I meet up with friends. Just yesterday I was at my friend's nikah in the morning and then spent the night out for dinner and drinks. I'm going to have to curtail these outings in the next few weeks to come or at least try to. I hope everyone's taking good precautionary measures to #FlattenTheCurve. I'm not going to shame people in wanting to buy masks and wear them but I hope the many, many, many PSA's going on have helped teach you on the (in)effectiveness of masks if you're a healthy bean and that you should just adhere to simple hand hygiene and common courtesy of not coughing/sneezing in public and staying in as best you can. This is a time for stay-in's and to Netflix! 

(Edit: It's 11:47pm and the PM's official announcement was a little less than an hour and a half ago imposing on temporary closure of schools, offices, businesses and banning international flights out. Not a total lockdown as essential businesses are to still remain open)

Ok not the time for panic. It seems that Malaysians are quick to stock up unnecessarily as seen in many, many photos circulating of empty shelves and 30 minute queues at grocers. I hope these people actually seriously stay home and not go anywhere. And put the shitloads of groceries to good use. I really don't see the point of buying loaves of breads and other perishables knowing damn well they come with an expiration date and no way we're eating all that in such a short period of time! 

Panic mana pun, we have to be sensible and courteous towards others who are unable to stockpile and who are not in the financial position to buy at extorted prices. 

Ok guys, it's time to tuck in and stay safe at home! And work, of course. Makan vitamin and minum air banyak banyak, be sure to be hydrated! We gotta do our part to stay healthy and have our immune system strong. Don't be silly to go out if it's absolutely not important. Like in the words of Ariana Grande;

Damn, this is going to feel like semester break all over again, but with homework! 


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