Saturday, February 15, 2020

Zati Gets Married

So on the 7th of February, my dearest friend Zati got married to the love of her life. So happy that we were there to witness the union in all its beauty and grace. 

I've known Zati since college and she has been a bright ball of energy and would go all the way to help you with whatever you needed. Such a kind, generous soul and I will always treasure her. The thing about being a full fledged adult is work always comes in the way so we haven't had proper quality time but I know she's the same self - ever pretty and ever wonderful. 

I love you, my dear girl. Thank you for everything you've ever done, you've been nothing short of lovely and my heart sings for you that you've finally found your One and that you're now all married!

Zati has also always said that she loves 'A Thousand Years' and wants to get married to it one day. So when she walked down the aisle with her new husband by her side with the song echoing the halls, it made me cry. And to see her SO beautiful. We all know she's very pretty but when she was all donned up in her wedding dress and up-do, it took our silly little breath away. Being in love gives you a glow ok got it.

The nikah was at Dewan Felda and I was scared shitless that I was going to trip. I had a good stiletto heel on me and a long skirt... and we had to carry heavy dulangs with us, walking down the stairs. I was just hoping to God that I don't make a fool of myself (and embarrass the bride and have it all caught on camera!!!) so I was seriously very nervous about it. Why are these things so heavy!! I lost all sensations in my arms like 30 seconds after placing it on the table. Hahah talk about being seriously unfit.

Love you endlessly, babe. Congratulations to both you and Ezril on this new chapter in your life, may it be blessed and wonderful every second of the way. May Allah protect and cherish you and Ezril and your families always and forever. So, so, so happy for you.


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