Friday, May 8, 2020

A List of Things I Miss, Don't Miss, Won't Miss, Didn't Think I'd Miss, and Won't Forget

This MCO is finally coming to its end. And I miss it already! A once in a lifetime experience. Had it not actually been due to a pandemic, working from home and staying home for this long really is like a dream to me. I'm such a homebody so this was ideal for me and like I've said repeatedly, I didn't mind it at all! Maybe some days it got to me but I lucked out with my family. We get along so well so it's been non-dramatic for me. And definitely not lonely. Every meal has been so meriah with all of us at the dinner table and a full feast. 

Man Repeller's Mallory Rice wrote this 'list of things I miss, don't miss, won't miss, and won't forget' and I thought it was a pretty cool exercise to do. So I did.

Have a go at it!


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