Saturday, May 23, 2020

Getting back to work


It's now the last day of Ramadhan and Raya is tomorrow! I've been at work for about a week and a half now and it's been busy on my end. So much so that I'm actually looking to get myself blue light glasses because I had a headache a few days ago from straining my eye. 

Covid-19 really has taken 2020 from us. About 2 weeks from MCO was implemented, my boss asked us all if the virus has affected our daily routine. I said no because at that point I was still skeptical and I didn't think we'd be hit too hard. At least not as bad as Italy/America. And while I still don't think we've been hit too hard alhamdulillah, I've definitely grown to become more and more cautious about my surroundings. I sanitise and wash my hands all the time, to the point that it has triggered my eczema so bad on my hands. I make sure to wipe down every surface I touch like the steering wheel or the meeting table and I avoid touching things like door handles and would only opt to use card instead of cash. So I'm definitely more aware and more alert about it. You just can never be too careful. 

I haven't seen friends since the start of the MCO so that's been about a good 2 months now. We communicate regularly via Whatsapp but nothing quite like human interaction. But although I'd love to go out and meet them, I'm completely overwhelmed by the fear of contracting the virus that I'm happy to just stick to virtual hang outs and Whatsapp group chats for now.

My whole experience with MCO was so lovely. I loved being home with family and I loved working from home. I know some people don't think it's productive but err my bosses made sure we were productive. Sure, we could afford sneaking in an evening nap but we still had a lot on our plate whether they would agree to it or not.

Going back to the outside world was pretty surreal for me. My office building has quite strict SOP's set in place. And my office is just by OU so we go there for lunch everyday, and I've been just so impressed with how they're handling it. You have to scan a QR code with your details keyed in and you have to enter the temperature that's been taken by the guard. You screenshot that QR code and it'll enable to you to walk freely in the mall and shops. Some stores still require a manual log but other than that, it's been pretty easy. 

Though I think shopping is no fun anymore because you have to queue to enter and once you enter, you really would not prefer touching anything. I had my hands to myself the entire time I was in Zara. Sephora has no testers and so you can't swatch anything which I completely agree to but that's like, half the fun gone when you're at Sephora. And the fact that you can't try on clothes has been such a bummer to me because I never buy anything without trying it on. But as much as I moan about it, I'm thankful that retailers are taking this seriously and I'm happy to comply to all of guidelines. The more we do to combat this thing, the faster we can get to being normal human beings!

Thinking of my dear, dear sweet Mak Tok and Pak Tok this Raya. Other than my Raya in London that one summer, I haven't spent a Raya away from them. This will be the first. I miss them so much today especially. They really have played a huge role in making Raya so special to me. They hold such a big part of my heart so not being with them this Raya feels so sad and empty. Praying that we get to see them very soon. 

From our first terawih...

... to our last this year. To more and more Ramadhans to come insyaAllah!

Hope you have made the most out of your Ramadhan and here's wishing the most blessed Syawal and rest of the year for you, your loved ones and the ones they love. 


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