Sunday, January 9, 2022

2022 already!!!?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Reporting 9 days too late but ah well.

My resolution this year was to blog at least ONCE A WEEK. Yep, you read that right. Once a week. Once in 7 days. I've realised that in 2021 I've only written 12 posts in total. 15 year old Nadia would've disapproved. So I think I wanna at least try to update here once a week, be it a short post or ones just of photos. 

Alhamdulillah a new year has dawned and as always, I'm grateful for what the past year has gifted me. There were ups and downs but in hindsight, I'm thankful for all of it. It was definitely difficult what with the lockdowns and the uncertainties that we were faced with. We had a new PM, we had several MCO's, we had Covid cases highest it's ever been (in the 20k). We had a flood???? Damn. A lot. And also working in a pandemic has proven to be an absolute pain. First time round it was cute lah yknow? Like oh wow this is such a new experience! But this second time around was just.... awful. It was so suffocating and had no boundaries (to the point I'd take 5 in a midst of a meeting to cry). So penat and I couldn't take it anymore.

But all in all, I just am grateful for all that I have with me. My family, my friends, my job, my material things, my home. All that I have, I'm grateful. Covid has shown us that it is merciless and takes away so much from so many people. I'm thankful that I still have all that I love and care for. It helps put things into perspective kan? So all that we can do is be grateful and be empathetic and be generous where we can. Gotta look out for one another, man. 

For my NYE party, Mun and Nana hosted a powerpoint presentation party! How cute!! We've done this before, I think it was the year before Covid. So we all had to do a summary of our year. It was just 7 of us including Dayana who joined and presented virtually. But it was the best. As I've grown older, I much much much prefer being in intimate and small gatherings. You just get a lot more out of it, I think. As compared to having a big party of 30-50. We had some good food then we presented our slides and then we played some games on Amal's Switch. It was just so fun and I enjoyed it SO much. 

As for my 2022 resolutions, I've decided it shall be this; to blog more and take more photos. And hahaha I also said this to a friend. This year I'm going to look hot. Hahahahaha sounds ridiculous but all jokes aside, I wanna try (atleast) to always look presentable and decent. And that doesn't exclusively come from good hair and outfit days. But really through how confident and how friendly you are with the people around you. I've always been very attracted to people who can stand their own and navigate through social situations well. Like not to the point of being obnoxiously loud. But y'know, the cool kind. I'm going to try and do that this year to the best I can. Basically, be better. 

Here's some photos from the night! 

The sweetest hostesses who really went above and beyond for us. I love and appreciate parties like these, hosted by the best.

Also this was so cute, I had it on the whole night!!

A selfie with Dayana. Loved this sm!!

They even had party packs to give???? Sorry, I can't anymore. Too cute.

Ok guys, I'm going to continue watching the Harry Potter reunion and cry.

Love to all and may this year be your greatest!


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