Saturday, October 15, 2011



I'm in college right now. And it's a long weekend (meaning, classes end by Friday noon and so we're allowed to go back as opposed to a short weekend where classes end on Saturday noon ergo short weekend). It's not half bad given I have some great company here crashing over my place most of the time (CC: Amal Azman, Marissa Malkit, Mansonia Sidhu, Karishma, Kaynisha) which I don't mind at all since they make my day a whole lot better because they happen to be the most ridiculously hilarious people and I can sakit perut sakit pipi gelak with them. Which makes them perfect for a long lonely weekend without being in the comfort of my own home :(

Ok, this is depressing. Why is that when I'm writing a blog post, an Adele song comes up. It's now 'Hometown Glory' which is freakishly apt to this blog post since it talks a lot about Adele loving her hometown, London.


And now, I'm alone in the chalet because i) One has gone back ii) One has gone a-dating iii) One has gone God knows where..

..and that leaves me here consolidating my Economics work. I really should start on History any time soon.

I'm actually starting to get hungry and I don't know what to eat. I don't think Abang Burger (the guys who delivers Ramly burgers) is available on the weekends. It's like they don't want us to eat here ! The atrocity !

Currently balancing between singing my heart out to a Beyoncé number and trying to make sense of the History article I'm reading. And of course, writing this blog post. Though I might be losing this 3-way battle to just concentrating on typing instead. Multi-tasking, I'm horrible at.

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