Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hello, lovely people of the blogging world !

How is everyone doing this fine Sunday ? K fine, it IS coming to a close but still.

I'm home and usually by now, I'd be getting ready to go back to college but I've decided to just go back tomorrow morning instead and straight to class. I'm too lazy to go on a Sunday night. Bleh.

So now, here I am, lazing in bed, books untouched (like, seriously, it's been in my bag since I first brought it back, weekend laze FTW!) and I have my tie-dye kaftan on which is the bomb diggity and yeah. I have Beats on but I don't like it. It gives me a headache because the arch is really heavily resting on my head and wtf it hurts !

K edit

This is a Monday now and I saved yesterday's post as a draft so yeah... interesting stuff. Completely and utterly fascinating.

I just got back from the dining hall and had ikan keli for dinner. This time round, it wasn't as nice as I had before.

Ok i'm about to do some Econs now k bye

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