Monday, October 10, 2011

Someone Like You

Distances can be a bitch sometimes. I can't help it that it didn't go the way I wanted and expected it to be. I'm not one for PDA and I don't think we've gone public in the sense that we've declared our undying and everlasting love for each other on Facebook (gag gag nor do we have any good photos together as a couple. Most of our friends got to know eventually without either of us mentioning it. We just got to be in the end. He was (and still very much is) my best friend first and foremost and boyfriend second. Most and I dare say, ALL of our friends love Hafiz more than anything and is everyone's best friend. I don't see how he can't. Besides being the nicest person you'll come across, he also possesses one of the rare traits in society now; chivalry. We've been together for a year and a half and even though it's nothing compared to the 4-5 year relationship some our friends have, I'm glad to have spend these 18 months being your one and only (I hope hahahaha). Right from the get go up til last Wednesday, I've received nothing but genuine friendship and (gosh I'm going to sound like a Hallmark card) deep affection from this lovely boy.

He hates me sometimes hahahahahaha. I can be quite annoying. He'll tell you that I have this habit of changing my pathways in a millisecond ergo bumping into him like everytime. Or how we mute the phone when I have to blow my nose (he finds it gross, boo him!) or how impatient I am when it comes to Math question. He's clearly the better one of us two. He's more patient - though I can't say the same when it comes to drivers on the road, see now, THAT he goes ballistic - and definitely the more polite one. We're ying and yang which is what I needed. More than anything, he has taught me more than anyone has, let it be from the addmath questions (he tutored me at the very last minute before SPM heheh) or all the random facts he tells me or how to reverse park, Hafiz was my guru.

I'll be the first to admit, that I'm a difficult person to be with. Really, I am. And Hafiz, knowing just how difficult and annoying and tiring I can be, bears up with all the hassle I throw his way. He puts up with my mood swings and he (as annoying as HE can be and how sometimes I want to slap his face) makes my day.

For being i) The most tiring person to bear with ii) A whiner and a complainer and iii) your best critic, I'm sorry. I apologize for everything, small or big, I may have and have not done. I'm lucky and eternally appreciative to have met someone like you.

Right from your 6-card birthday wish up to our endless New York Deli trips and your tireless driving up and down to fetch and send me from all our outings together, 'thank you' simply does no justice to my perpetual gratitude for all you've done.

"Love is friendship set on fire" and that was exactly what Hafiz and I were. Best of friends that grew to be more than that. I'm lucky to have been your first girlfriend because you, my friend, have set the bench mark, believe me you. To have ended this relationship with you does not, by all means, indicate the end of our friendship.

Hafiz, I love you then and I love you still, I always have and I always will.

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