Monday, September 30, 2013


Leaving home was so difficult.

My room, the car, the food, the laundry done and dried and folded, TV, sirap limau, the weather, the malls, the familiar places, my home, my family.

Really, nothing beats home.

Came here with 5 of my mates and no members of my family. Hwaaaaaaaaaa really wanted to turn back halfway and stay at home. It was such a long and tiring journey. KL-Dubai-Heathrow-Bristol haihhhh it was a 24 hour journey all in all. I slept most of the time of course but hwargh still so tiring!

I hate traveling.

But I just had to constantly remind myself that this is what I want and I really should be feeling so blessed and excited and grateful in which I am, of course but at the same time, it was depressing, sad and so nerve wrecking moving into another country with no family!

Bristol has been great so far and it's a gorgeous city! I love it and the people here have been so nice and warm (can't say the same about the weather!) and I love the feeling of being independent and I can't help but pat myself on the back and say "You go, Nadia!" for riding the bus home alone, for dealing with the landlord, for doing the laundry, for buying furniture for my room, for assembling said furniture, for going to classes and lectures.

But it's kinda overwhelming. Classes the first day was such a culture shock for me because everyone around me were new faces and I didn't know anyone and my friends were far away (in different states, different countries, different classes) and I am the only international student in my classes which is wild.
I still haven't gotten used to campus and I still pant my way to classes because it's such a big place and so far away.

So used to driving everywhere at home and now walking is the way of life! By the end of these 3 years, I should be getting myself toned legs! You can't help but walk at their pace and masyaAllah they walk so fast as if they're in a rush (they probably are what with chasing buses and all!). And I feel so small and tiny.

Idk guys, I love Bristol and I'm so grateful for everything but would it be horrid for me to countdown the months til I come home?!?!?!?!

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