Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lepak At Hyde Park

Was in London for the weekend. Have been looking forward to this for sooooooo longgggggggg!!!! Drove me a bit crazy thinking of Friday. As soon as class finished, I rushed to Zati and met up with Azam and went to Aima's place to get my bag. Then off to the bus station we went!

We arrived at 730 and Syazwan, Jules and Izmal were there to greet us! After that, we basically made a mad dash (not really mad) (not really dashing) to Tukdin's for dinner. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some good Malaysian food !

I couldn't engage in much of the conversations my friends had because I was just too engrossed with my meal. Practically swallowed my dinner lah sebenarnya...

And then we headed off to Fatin's place and masyaAllah what a gorgeous flat she has! Lucky girl.


Woke up early and the sun was shining and the wind was bearable and there were beautiful clouds haih London thanks so much for being so nice to us ! 

And guess who came to surprise us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KANDA THAT'S WHO!!!!!!! That boy came all the way from Glasgow and went through a 9 hour journey to see us for the weekend!!!! He's a gem lah. SO HAPPY! MADE MY DAY!!!!

Got out of the door by noon and met up with Olz and Paan at Noodle Oodle. Ate roast duck, kangkung belacan (I can't pass kangkung belacan if it's on the menu guys... I just can't ok?!) and something else I forgot sorry. SO SEDAP as well!! Hanging out with boys also meant I had to hear stupid stories and cursing and well.... stupid stories. But I enjoyed their company a lot a lot so I wasn't complaining! 

Then walked to Marble Arch but we passed Hyde Park so we decided to take photos. Well ok fine I decided to take photos. It's not everyday the sun is shining in London ! I didn't get to go to Hyde Park last winter because I choose to not freeze overnight, y'see. 

We didn't even get to go around the whole of Hyde Park because we were pressed for time. Next time in London shall be Parks Day where I explore all parks. And lepak. Speaking of which, the boys thought of 'Lepak at Hyde Park' so the title of this blog post is courtesy of them.

Walked to Marble Arch and shopped a bit. Was paying for something when I heard a voice behind me,

"Hamboi banyak nya dia beli..."

and turned around to see Pana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugged the living daylights out of her!!!!!!!!!!!! MISSED THIS GIRL!!!!!! Spent the next hour braving the very very very very very busy Oxford Street with her. I also just HAD to get my waffles from Wafflemeister. Dragged Kanda, Azam and Syazwan along and they had to wait in line for them and I felt bad about it but so happy because they loved it as much as I did!!! If you all wish to have some kick ass waffles, please make your way to Wafflemeister! I just found out a couple of weeks ago from my family that they just opened a branch in KLCC so you can go there if you want! So sedap, I promise you!

It's next to Bond Street Station if anyone's wondering!

We headed back to Fatin's place to get ready for Iman's Raya Haji open house. We made our way and it was beyond fun to meet everyone again under one roof. It was amazeballs, really. The house was packed with the whole lot of us and we even resorted to the balcony outside! Hahaha so much fun lah.

It was super duper great to meet everyone again and it cured my homesickness by a little bit. So nice to be in the company of fellow Malaysians (a LOT of Malaysians, actually). Love my friends and love the food Iman's sister, Deena cooked up! Yummerz nasi lemak is yummerz!

We had to leave London the next day and it was raining and windy and cold and miserable. Haih. So thankful that Saturday was perfect! Ate at Khans for lunch and went to Oxford Street again. Massively crowded but Oxford Street is STILL Oxford Street, y'knw what I mean??? Love it love it love it and can't wait to go again in the near future insyaAllah!

For the time being, I'm back in Bristol and staying put (i hope) for a while until Christmas break before I can explore the rest of freezing England!

Til the next blog post!

I hope your weekend was just as amazing as mine.



  1. or it could have been called Hyde LePark.......... (see what I did there) (hahahah) so glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. ................... THAT IS SO MUCH BETTER MALS!!! Hahahahaha we did! Nanti one day insyaAllah we'll be making our way to Canada k!!!!