Saturday, October 26, 2013


It's been a month since I stepped on foreign land.

For fun, I'm going to do a monthly update of my stay here in England just to see how well I've adapted over time so first month let's go!

I've gotta admit, my first 2 weeks in university was quite lonely for me. I'm the only non-local student in my classes so it was quite hard to adapt with everyone and the classes. And I'm so used to knowing things and knowing my way everywhere back home so coming here and not knowing anything was challenging. I hated it, in fact.

I spent a lot on food. A lot. Because I didn't know how to cook and I was afraid of cooking something that wasn't nice because that'd be a waste of ingredients! Dah lah mahal!

I was on a Masterchef marathon and after the bajillionth episode, I just closed my laptop and got up and cooked. It was just pasta. But still! Naturally I had to take a photo of it..... and sent it to my parents. My dad was like,

"Are you sure you tak tapau from somewhereee?" 

I was more proud than offended when he said that because he actually thought it looked restaurant quality hahahahahah

It's been a month and I *think* I'm doing okay with my cooking. Yesterday I cooked chicken curry and the day before that I made ayam masak kicap. Which is a feat for the girl who used to fail at making Maggi........

......I mean...... WHO FAILS AT MAKING MAGGI ??!?

So yes, I'm quite proud. I actually look forward to coming home and start cooking dinner/lunch. It's quite enjoyable, who knew? Going to the grocers and getting ingredients and going to buy meat at the halal store was actually fun. Yesterday I bought a new frying pan because my previous one got burnt (....... don't ask) and I was as excited buying it like how I'd get excited getting a new top. It's ridiculous. I won't go to the extend to say I LOVE cooking but I ****think**** I'm on the way.......

In the past month, I've gone to Bath and London; both I enjoyed way way too much. The weather was great in both locations so I'm quite lucky! It wasn't freezing like how I'd expect it to be although it's only just autumn.

I'm looking forward to visiting more and more places in the future. This November 9th, we're all going to Nottingham for the annual Malaysian Games and I don't play a single sport (that's quite a known fact) but oh well, I'm trés excited to be there with my friends and to eat Malaysian food and be in the company of Malaysians. I sound so narrow minded what only wanting to be with my own people but it's only because I MISS THEM.

And I've been making more and more friends both locals and Malaysians. The locals here are amazing; they're such sweethearts and so incredibly well-mannered. I still am in awe of how nice they can be.

I was at M&S getting my prawn crackers (still the best keropok out there) and the cashier was attending to this old lady and once he was done, he called another cashier to replace him as he carried the customers purchases and held her hand and led her all the way to the bus station outside. I was so in awe seeing that because bless him for being such a lovely person; taking customer service to another level. That made my day. My whole day. My heart was so full seeing that act of kindness. MasyaAllah.

So yes, that's basically it!

Thankful everyday! But shivering everyday also........


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