Saturday, November 2, 2013


Acted like a real grown up and went to the supermarket to get curry powder, tumeric, tupperwares and sauces. I find so much joy in buying groceries now hahaha it's quite ironic because I found it so boring back home because I'd just be following my mum around with the trolley. And I never understood why Mama had to go to the grocers ALL the time!

Now I understand why hahaha

It's also quite therapeutic in its own weird way. Kinda just stand in the Asian Food aisle (... that's where I'll be) and think of what you're going to cook for the whole week. I love it. Dare I say grocery shopping > clothes shopping ?!?!?!

Maybe it's because I don't feel guilty going shopping for food and ingredients as I would if I go buy another sweater/jumper. Yawn. Summer please cepat.

So I had Mum at the ready (through iMessage) and prepared everything and fried this and tumis that and potong this and kupas that.

YUMMMMMMMMMM!!! The curry oozed the all too familiar smell and it brought me home instantly. Which is practically the reason why I like cooking now. Because the most gourmet of dishes here can never beat the good ol' nasi putih and kari ikan/ayam/daging/anything and telur dadar. Devoured in 2 helpings of rice because I was hungry and it was quite sedap and I'm the biggest critic when it comes to Malay food so this batch was not bad. It was definitely better than my last attempt. This one had a thicker consistency. Can't wait to attempt masak lemak and tom yam!


The weather here had made my hair go all stringy and dry and tangly. My hair has always been tangly but it has been EXTRA terribly tangled here I have no idea why. So I did something that I have never done in my life ever - buy a hair brush. I was out in the city and I just HAD to get a hair brush. I couldn't finger comb through my hair anymore. It wasn't working. So I got this. Mainly because it was hot pink. I wasn't too convinced about their claims of detangling my hair knots but oh well.

And my oh my was I wrong!!!!!! It is single handedly one of my favourite things I have in my room (and in my life). It's amazingggggggggg!!!!!! Literally, one brush through and it detangles everything completely through! I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! It's such a miracle worker.

Look how stringy and dry my hair is here. Ok no don't look.  

Just for fun, this is a screenshot of my Oovoo session with some of my best mates. Kanda was trying to remove his Halloween make-up........ with a tissue. Wat. Thankfully Marissa and I came to the rescue. Hahaha hashtag pro hashtag amazing hashtag kandaisluckytohaveus

Ok gonna go watch Modern Family aka the best thing since Friends


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