Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Guys I'm obsessed with this.
I'll be known as the girl who goes into the grocers and buys like 5 packets of these at once. It's pretty pathetic but I constantly need it. I came back from Cardiff the other day and came home to no chocolates in reach.........

I literally dropped my bags and headed out to get some. Couldn't bear going through the day without a frog head shaped chocolate. I even have them in my handbag just in case I get too hungry....... which is all the time but that's besides the point.

Before coming here, my mum said she put on weight in her first semester because she was eating so much chocolate and potatoes.

Err........ ok. Ummm ok I'm not usually bothered with my weight because I'm very blessed to have a rather high metabolism rate (thank you Allah, forever and ever grateful for that) but with all the chocolate bars I've eaten I might have to check balik hahaha

If and when I return home, I might just buy the whole shelf of Fredo's to bring back to Malaysia. I might.

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