Sunday, December 8, 2013

JT was right

Pretty swamped with work now that term is ending (HOORAH!). I cannot wait for my London trip for Christmas with my mates!!! This time last year I was with my family in London and now I'm with my friends omg dude srsly time flies. It's already December and I'll be turning 21 next month how the heck did we get here I swear March was 3 minutes ago

JT was right to sing about mirrors; because I love 'em. So here are my mirror selfies......... HOW BORING IS THIS BLOG OMG i swear i'll update when term ends and when I'm not too boring.

Saw phone cover in Topshop and it reminded me too much of a mermaids tail that I had to get it! Sick. 

And here I am with my favourite Little Mermaid pullover. Primark had a a Little Mermaid tshirt and I HAD to have it. Lolz at least I'll know what to wear if I go to Disneyland! 

Zati slept over my place the other night and we both wore printed pyjamas because they're so darn comfortable. My top actually has matching bottoms so I really don't know why I chose to not wear them that night. Tak berani pakai print on print in the day so pyjamas pun jadi lah 

With my new fav mustard yellow scarf because everything else I wear looks miserable and depressing.

I still can't believe it's December already!! My God. Where did the year go?

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