Wednesday, December 25, 2013



  • My bum hurts because last night after showering, I slipped down the stairs and fell and landed hard on my ass. I had pains all over my body but even after a nights sleep and a day out, my butt still hurts from the fall. Standing up is horror and sitting down takes time. I'm kind of like an old grandma. 
  • "So be the girl you loved" is a line from a James Blake song, 'Retrograde'. And it might be one of my favourite lyrics of all time although it's a given I don't listen to much songs so if you have a song with great lyrics, tell me. But back to James Blake; that line is gorgeous. A lot of girls I think are sacrificing their identity to be the next Tumblr girl. Some girls abandon their own self for the sake of friends and/or boys and it's unfortunate because the world would be pretty kick-ass if girls did not put an act for someone or for something. Also, James Blake, you and your music I mean c'mon dude srsly where what omg pls i can listen to you singing to my lecture notes and i'd pay good money for that
  • After my last blog post, I went out to get a neon pink beanie. 
  • Bought tickets to a Beyoncé concert. Tickets were out at 10 am and I rushed home from Zati's place and opened the website only to be put on hold for what seemed forever. All the while, I had Kaveetha on the other end of my Whatsapp and we were updating each other with the whole ticket situation. She managed to get a seat and bought me one first too but it was separate seats which sucks because this is Beyoncé and no one dances alone to Beyoncé. Ok boleh je actually but you know what I mean. So I opened Twitter to see that due to the massive number of people buying her tickets, Beyoncé and Co. added extra dates and so I went and tried my luck for the latest London concert and guys............ I ACTUALLY GOT TICKETS. So I bought 2 without having second thoughts (also because there was a darn timer so I had no time to be fickle minded) and called up Kaveetha and we were both screaming and laughing at the same time. I'M BLOODY EXCITED GUYS FINALLY A BEYONCE CONCERT OMG i can't even deal
  • I Facetime-d my siblings the other night, all separately. And I laughed so much with them and at them. Still forever and ever my favourite comedians. No one can beat. They say I laugh too much but I can't help it; they're genuinely very very funny and the things they say are so ridic. I miss them. I can't wait to go Christmas shopping for them.
  • Mun came over to Bristol for a sleepover!!!! SUCHA sweetheart, she is. Missed her so much and her and her dance moves made my day. Over dinner, I whipped up spaghetti and we watched Beyoncé's concert together and danced and sang all the words and went a bit cray with harmonising and ad libs. It was great fun and ugh I love her. We share a favourite song, 'Love on Top' and when we were in Costa, the song was on and we just looked at each other and went "Girl, what the hell this is fate" and then continued singing to the words while sipping our lattes (hers) and ice blended juice (mine).
  • It takes me forever to go shower. And it takes me forever to get out of the shower. 
  • My opinion on people who go "Wishing people Merry Christmas is perkara haram" : Seriously? Niat tu bukan ke penting. I feel that WHEN (and not if) I wish people Merry Christmas, I wish them out of sincerity and more of a "Have a great time celebrating at home with your family and I hope you get great presents and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas feast with your loved ones" than a "Merry Christmas yeah I'm totes acknowledging the birth of Christ". When I wish them a Merry Christmas, my niat and my intention is to be nice and to genuinely wish that they have a good time with their family and friends. I'm not saying Merry Christmas because I believe in Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, I'm still praying to Allah SWT so it really just depends on YOUR niat. We were ALL put on this earth to respect each other and to be kind and good to people despite race, colour or religion. It's funny how we can't wish Merry Christmas but taking touristy photos in front of churches in a foreign country is totally okay. If your niat to wish people Merry Christmas is to be nice and to be kind, then I don't think there's anything wrong. We have to be more accepting as a human kind. You're a human being. You wish another human being a Merry Christmas and it would not make you any less Muslim than you are. But it would make you a better person. 
  • I went grocery shopping the other day on an empty stomach. Silap besar, bro. 
  • The wind in Bristol is intense. I get home with damped and frizzy hair and it looks like a train wreck. I look like a train wreck after a day out.

Life and its funny ways. 

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