Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Reached London city at 10 am today. And I love this place but my God, what a horrible first day! Super mahal cab fare and it was the crappiest weather - wind and rain all up my face! And the Londoners can be quite harsh and not as polite as the Bristolians. Walked around Waterloo and found a place to eat late lunch - Las Iguanas in which of course the boys had to comment "Huh makan iguanas ke??"

Um k.

Anyway, we met up with Olan, Tariq and Zain there and we scouted for churros. I don't usually like churros (because I make painful comparisons with cakoi) but this one was exceptionally sedap! I might just try my luck and go buy it next time!

We had dinner at Khan's and of course bombarded with good food and with a table of 20, it was very meriah to say the least. Seeking warmth indoors and eating the chicken jalfrezi (which is ACE but VERY pedas so please have your cold drinks at the ready) made me sweat! Which is always good in the country. 

So I was talking talking talking with my friends when these 2 lovely girls came up to me saying that they read my blog and that they liked reading my KY posts and it has made them believe that KY is not such a bad place after all! Hahahahah I was SO terharu that my face started to go panas and red! They were saying how they liked my blog and thanks so much for making my day!! So sorry if I sounded so frazzled! I was just very very taken aback and terharu! SO nice and super sweet of you to say hi!! Bless you girls!


Day 2 of London consists of me staying in and finishing some work I have to do by January. And since Christmas day means no shops open, London is like a ghost town. A cold and windy ghost town. 

Can't wait for tomorrow. But quite scared that I'll go quite cray........

.... well here's hoping everyone stays safe and shop safe! 


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